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Maniacs on the M4 this afternoon.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Instigator, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,
    It was a lovely day in Sydney today and my drive to work was filled with more bike ogling than usual. I saw a lot of riders out with proper protective gear and some damn responsible riding which was good .

    That said as I was headed into the city along the M4 around Eastern Creek I was passed by 3 riders on litre class sportsbikes. I barely had a chance to acknowledge them in my rear view mirror (yes I check my mirrors even on the freeway :grin: ) before they came past me weaving in and out of all 3 lanes, and split right beside me (between me and another car) at speeds well in excess of 140km/h. They continued up the freeway like this till they were out of my sight (which didn't take long).

    What's the community's thoughts on this?

    All three of them were wearing flash looking leather jackets so the "weekend warrior" tag comes to mind. In my opinion a commuter or someone who rode every other day would be less inclined to display this sort of irresponsible behaviour. Are these the type of Sunday riders that think they're Rossi because they get out with their mates and thrash around on public streets???

    All it would of taken is for one driver to make a slow/lazy lane change and these guys would of been wiped out. It was only a few weeks ago there was a fatality on that freeway (headed the other way) and it just makes me go :shock:
  2. These mugs and this activity contribute to the reasons cagers generally hate us, our non-riding friends and family always think they have to say something and governments try to legislate us into oblivion. It's easy to ride like that until there's some corners or a change in lanes like you mention. Then real riders catch up, pass 'em and laugh. Twits.
  3. Steve, it has always been thus, and always will be. By all means ventilate your dismay, but realise that the only person's riding for which you are responsible is your's. Happy Riding!
  4. since i have a flash looking jacket i feel the need to defend myself from this.

    it wasnt me. :wink:

  5. I think it's stupid and reckless, but if they want to tempt Darwin, that's their choice.

    I agree, though. Definitely a :shock: moment.
  6. People don't identify YOU by your jacket, Dante!!
  7. I commute every day and ride on the weekends, I ride at a quick pace on the weekends. At the end of the day I wonder who was having more fun, you worrying and getting upset over there antics or these guys riding to having a good time.
  8. Happens too often, on my way back from a 400+km ride cruising behind a line of @ 8 assorted vehicles at 90km in 100 zone... out of nowwhere I thought I saw movement, and had to look a few times to see a bike up my clacker.......A small straight came up over took the whole line, The SEMI coming the other way visibly had to hit the Anchors......By the time he/she squeezed between the truck and the last car @200km must have been the speed. :shock:

    why does it seem that cops are never there to catch these morons....but they will be when a lapse of concentration sees u 10km over ](*,)
  9. That you drive like an old lady, catch the bus if you want to get somewhere by next week.
    Ousting other riders behaviour on a motorcycling forum isn’t too smart, it casts stones on all those that ride and does motorcycling a disservice, if you cant mind your own business when driving your cage you should have first noted all the cages that where 1- on their cell phones whilst they where driving, 2- all the cages that failed to indicate prior to turning or changing lanes, 3- all the cagers who tailgate, Then and only then should you have observed other riders, im sure that of the cagers driving like knobs they would have far outnumbered the riders you made mention of.
  10. Where does it say in my post that I was getting upset. To tell the truth it actually bought a grin to my face before I got on my high moral horse and started to think "Would I ride like that?" "What would happen if they hit a car?"

    There's also the fact that's overlooked that they're using a "PUBLIC" road and endangering the lives of other motorists. If they want to remove themselves from the gene pool I'm all for it. I don't know them and don't give a shit. But the sort of behaviour they were showing was just plain reckless.
  11. Ok so we've established that YouHate but do you have to do it so indiscriminantly? :?

    I also ride and was doing slightly over the speed limit in the middle lane of a 3 lane freeway. This isn't about cagers driving irresponsibly (hit search if you want to vent about that there's heaps of threads) it's about 3 guys on sports bikes doing warp speeds on the freeway with heaps of traffic around.

    As far as ousting other riders are you trying to say you support their behaviour? I myself don't want to be tarred with the same brush as these idiots and anyone with half a brain could see that "responsible" motorcyclists criticising jackasses might get them one step closer to changing their behaviour. How discussing this does motorcycling a disservice I fail to see. Perhaps I could be enlightened. If anything it's these 3 riders that are bringing down our less than good name in the community.
  12. Lack of conformity would seem to be there main crime... perhaps they should join the extensive queues of tailgating, speedo watching motorists that all feel safe in the knowledge that everyone else drives just as badly as them.

    Anyway, speed kills, so you can be safe in the knowledge that all three riders are dead. :)
  13. It appears to be too late for that, we are now issuing a SAFETYKNOB alert, and im sure as the weather gets better and riders wear less you will be counting them and posting as to how dangerous this is to them, to you, and the whole motoring world at large.
    with much help from you. Please confirm, did you grow up listening to AM talkback radio?
  14. Oh and another thing - if you ever visit Germany or Italy, you might want to catch the train if these things shock you :)
  15. Sounds exactly like any normal days comute to and from the city. Im sure if they wanted to sit in traffic they would have driven the car.

    lol, at least they split to the right !! ;)
  16. i may be setting myself up for ridicule, though as a daily commuter, this behaviour would not be exactly abnormal for myself. but hey, im being honest.
  17. Well this seems to have been degraded rather quickly.

    I'll leave my comments as they stand and no I never have nor ever will listen to AM radio. I'm only 24 ffs and like a good adrenalin rush as much as the next bloke.

    I've just recieved my SAFETYKNOB alert via email so will continue to criticise and complain when ever anyone does something that doesn't meet my stringent moral standing. Come to think of it there's a guy here at work that is wearing track pants. I think I'll get my official SAFETYKNOB id printed out of the email and approach him with my ideas on how they're not appopriate workplace attire. :)
  18. Im glad you get the picture :wink:
  19. Cheers DuHAST.
    My bike should be on the road in the next week or so and never having ridden in Sydney traffic before I'll be resisting the temptation to do this sort of thing myself.

    I'm sorry if I stirred the pot a bit with this one guys I wasn't trying to get people's backs up. It was some damn nice riding either way and I guess I just got carried away with the what ifs...
  20. Kudos to you Instigator, i wish you safe journeys in that Sydney traffic and roadcraft help/skills/advice are available from the good folk of netrider Sydney.