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Maniac on a bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by generalyuehfei, May 31, 2006.

  1. #1 generalyuehfei, May 31, 2006
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    Can you believe this guy??? Obviously this is his tribute video coz he is now 6ft under.


  2. how did he die
  3. This one was actually posted a little while back. and yep he is prety nuts.
  4. I didn't watch it all the way through, but I don't really get the problem.
  5. Splitting lanes at what looks to be 70 to 90 kph!!! :shock:
  6. doa. organ doner...
  7. whilst gardening
  8. yeah splitting at up to 100km/h past standing or slow moving traffic is insane :shock: doesn't take much for a car to want to be in the next lane and without looking or indicating just move over... :eek:

    see it everyday on the freeways here and there's heaps of bikes that split at similar speeds and conditions to that video... witnessed many high speed near misses on the Monash :shock:

    Nice tribute video tho :LOL:
  9. He was too trusting
  10. Standard Japanese practice - if you watch through to the end you'll see other people doing similarly. :roll:

    It looks to be a physically small bike (250 max) and on close examination most of the speed is 40 - 60kph although he does get up to 90-100 on a few occasions.

    Like a lot of things, it looks worse than it is - the traffic is stationary and locked in so tight they can't change lanes in front of him (or her :wink: )

    Mind you - I wouldn't be doing it at that speed.
  11. standing on a street coner
  12. I only watched the first quarter of it because it's kinda boring. Did I miss something?

    have you people never seen ghost rider?

    (and I don't mean the Nicholas Cage movie that's being shot in Melbourne/Geelong.)
  13. looks like a blast to me :grin:

    i miss commuting on a bike :( :(
  14. Yeah it was boring and I didn't watch it all either... probably missed something more exciting at the end of it??

    I've seen Ghost Rider, but heard that filming the 4th movie he was killed in a high speed accident... is that true or just rumour?? :?
  15. yes rather standard practice in japan, bit close for comfort on some of those passes though!

    *edit* just finished watching that guy, some of his manouvers are not standard practice, bit of a looney! about ghost rider i think he is still alive and kicken :)
  16. Nutter! Although 13 minutes seems excessive for that clip. He must think the splitting speed excessive if he is recording it.
  17. bit of a rumor mill about ghost rider... who really knows but he does have a vid on the nurburg ring done after he supposedly died... video.google it you should find it
  18. I have only seen a little of the ghost rider footage, he is a much better rider and usses the bike to a fuller extent, but this guy is definatly pushing it in a tighter space.

    Yeah ghost rider is more exciting, but it doesn't change the fact that this guy is nuts.
  19. this is netrider mate...granny thinking hahaha!

    I split like that everyday to work, have done so for over 5 yrs...no accidents. :roll:
  20. Meh, there's enough room between lanes there to split a damn Goldwing!
    Oh, and fwiw i think it's a 400 not a 250.

    As has been said by a few others, not incredible in any way. That's like the Monash car park most days of the week for the poor suckers that commute from the SE 'burbs. Splitting stationary traffic at 70km/h might be a little on the excessive side but it's his/her choice. Splitting moving traffic at ~100km/h certainly isnt anything special.