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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by KBiker, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Gday all, long time lurker, first time poster!

    I'm from queensland, and if anyone is up for a ride (I'm from the brissy area), let me know. Me and the ZZR250 are keen for anything.

    Anyway, a few months back I had a run in with a raised manhole cover... It was a saturday night, and I was bomming along at the speed limit of 60. I came out of a left hand corner, and instantly noticed the road cut away to gravelly, stoney roadworks.

    I applied a small amount of brakes (didn't want to slide out on gravel), looked up, and noticed a bloody great manhole in the middle of my lane. Mind you, there are NO warning signs of roadworks prior to this stretch of road.

    I've applied alittle more break, attempted to stear, but too late. I hit the damn thing, and went flying to the right, my bike to the left. While the bike was a write off (it was my first ZZR250 :( ), I managed to get away with a broken left colarbone, and a bit of a scraped new, which required stiching and will propably leave a scar. All out though, it could have been alot worse, and I'm thankful I came out relatively ok.

    Anyway, I'm on my second ZZR250 (I'm addicted to these bikes, not only do they look fantastic, but they have some go :)), and all seems to be going well. Other than a heating problem with my current bike (see the maintenance forum!), I'm really looking forward to going on my first big ride this weekend.

    So G'day, ride safe, and I hope to catch up with a few of you on the road :grin:
  2. Ouch.. So what happened with paying for the bike?

    I feel your pain with the collarbone: I broke one mountain biking and man was it horrible. To this day I think I get up in bed without using my arms thanks to the numerous painful mistakes while injured. :p
  3. They ended up writing it off :(

    It suffered some pretty nasty fender scraping, and the exhaust pipe was also pretty scraped. The repair job was $5000, which was well beyond the price of the bike.

    Its a shame, because although the bike was alittle beaten up, it had a fantastic motor...

    I've found another ZZR250, and its in almost imaculate condition. Very happy that I've done it relatively quickly, was keen to get back on the road (injuries permitting)...

    My god was it painful when the accident happened; actually my knee was the most painful :? While they've both healed up well, I'm still having a bit of pain in the morning with my sholder.

    And its bloody hard getting used to having only one arm for a while :roll:
  4. Dude, if there were for real no roadworks signs, thats a big big no no. Especially if they have caused an accident. You should have done something about it. Dodgy contractors.
  5. O I have, I've got a lawyer who believes its a good case :)

    Only issue is that I'm against the Brisbane Council; its tough apparently. But I should be ok, it shouldn't have happened in the first place, and I'm still pretty pissed about the whole thing.
  6. Did you grind your knee back to bone? if not FAIL...........

    Did you break your collar bone and then continue to ride for the next 2000km around Tassie with just pain killers getting you through? if not FAIL.......

    Sucks about the roadworks, I'd be following it up.

    Here's to you healing quickly
  7. haha thats no good!

    Bah I'll stick with my pissy scar and my 'ouch my sholder is a bit tender' incident anyday :grin:

    I'm all healed up now, going to the hopefully final hospital xray tomorrow to ensure the bone has healed correctly (which I'm guessing has).

    That last month sucked though; last little bit of autumn, good weather, plenty of riders on the road, and I had no bike :(

    Its good to be back on the seat though
  8. I presume you meant that you stuck a Person Aperture on the road?? :LOL: :LOL:.
  9. I forgot about the shredded rotator cuff.

    That is P A I N babeeeeeeeeeee.

    6 months with no use of the dominant (right) arm.

    Damn nerve pain is horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 and a bit years on and it's as good as it's going to get ~90% use.
  10. That sounds like a painful off. You're alive and kicking and riding again so it sounds like you've pulled through ok.

    Photos prove everything. If you took photos soon after the crash (from afar and close up) and there were no Roadwork Ahead signs then they are entirely stuffed, BCC or not. From the sounds of it, the road was profiled and ready for placement of asphalt. There should have been a tapered formation to the manhole. If that wasn't there then that'll be trouble for them.

    If you can accurately sketch out a plan of the roadworks and signage (preferrably to scale and showing distances) and have photos as a backup then you've got half of the job done. The other half will be to get your hands on the MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) Part 3 (I've made it easy for you since here's the link) and compare that (what should be done) to what was implemented. If there is a glaring discrepancy then the BCC won't have a leg to stand on and it'll be a straight forward case.
  11. Cheers for the info GoTeam, I'll definately check out the MUTCD.
    They were definately preparing the road for relaying ashphalt, and the manhole covers were definately just sticking out of the ground.

    Unfortunately I dont have any photo's of the road in its gravel condition, but I do have photo's shortly after they layed the first ashphalt layer; the manhole covers are still sticking out of the ground (albiet not as much as my accident), there are still no signs warning road works, and I actually have a video of cars and trucks driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the manhole covers...

    What makes me pissed off is that I'm sure they thought the road was in an ok condition... for cars. Noone seems to stop and think for a second on how a bike might cope under those circumstances.
  12. welcome to the marginalised minority!
  13. That sux. If this happened in America I would expect a law suit.

    With the condition of Sydney roads I always scan the road surface ahead as far as possible so I have time to avoid potholes etc. Years of driving a lowered car with stiff suspension makes you a lot more aware of the road surface but sometime you can't do anything but take the hit.

  14. You describe a scenario that is unacceptable. Believe me, traffic management of cars are not the only thing thought of when roadworks are planned and implemented. Pedestrians, trucks, bikes (both varieties) and emergency services access are all normally taken into account. It sounds like all those road users weren't accounted for in this case.

    A manhole sticking up without a temporary taper to it (and proven with photo/video evidence) will see you win your case. The proof of no/inadequate signage will add to the pain of the Principal Contractor and be the nail in the coffin. After paying the legal fee, I don't know how worthwhile it will be in the end. Good luck.

    Edit: Get a copy of the traffic management plan, risk assessment and safe work method statements that would have had to have been signed off on before work could commence. A pre-start meeting in which everyone present would have signed off on to state that they understand and will comply with the TMP, RA and SWMS would also have taken place. Get a copy of that too. If they didn't then Work Safe will have grounds to fine them and get on their backs as well. With all of the above, I can't see how you can't come out a clear winner. Basically, the site supervisor will be in very hot water.

    Final thing, if its a council road then someone would have had to have approved and signed off on a form which allows a change in traffic conditions. If its a State controlled road then something like an M994 form (I don't know if they've since changed to a different form) would have been signed. I don't know what the equivalent Council form is if its a Council controlled road. Get a copy of that too. :)
  15. Ah those manholes in brisbane. I've hit them a few times. They are such as pain as they tend to be recessed into the ground by about 5cm. If you are doing 60km/h, they really hit you hard and fast.

    Manholes have knocked me around before, although they haven't thrown me off yet (just a sore groin). I take them a bit slower, 40km/h, while standing on my pegs. I let the steering go loose as it will jump around a bit.
  16. Welcome.