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Manhattan scooters

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by 1000cc, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Anyone here heard of or own one?
    I contacted them regarding the Manhattan 150cc and they claim its good for 120km/h top speed, so at that price its a bargain big wheel scooter for the occasional highway run at $2990 :shock:

  2. Yeah, I was curious as well after I noticed their ads in Two Wheels mag. The thing is they are pretty new on our market and so far seem to be based almost exclusively around Sydney (there's one shop listed in Victoria) so I suspect the information about them is going to be scant for a while.

    The scooter itself is of course Chinese (is there any other kind?) and no doubt sold in large numbers somewhere else in the world under another name, but I can't be really bothered digging all this info out. I expect these things will work about as well as anything else in that price bracket. If I were to buy one I'd be more interested in quality of the dealer that sells and services them, and how close they are to where I live...
  3. agreed. And also be interested in how long they will be around!

    personally, i'd stick to one of the more well known brands with the dealer networks to back it up, but these may well be great scoots.