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Manhattan Scooters

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Rebecca, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am getting my first scooter and have been looking at the Manhattan 150G but can not find a lot of information about them. (Have been some very mixed reviews)
    Just wondering if anyone has one (Or had one) and your thoughts?
  2. I have only ever ridden one scooter and that was Yamaha YP400, great pokee scooter.
    Would only buy [myself I mean] one that is more on the 'common' rather then 'rare' due to servicing/parts etc.
    Are you a 'tiny tot'? no idea hoe to change gears? scared of buying a motorbike?
    just trying to understand why a scooter?
    anyone will sell you anything, ultimatley it is your choice, the common recommendation is to sit and ride[if you can]s many bikes/scooters as possible, that way you will have 'choice' and get the one that feels 'just right' for your purpose!! always get the bike/scoot that meets your needs not someone elses ! good luck with the search tho :)
  3. Hi Goddie,
    Bit of a "Tiny tot" I guess...... Im 24 and only getting my motor bike licence next week - so am an absolute freshie! The only reason i am getting it (And a scooter) Is because I have a house in Bali (And will eventually live there) and want to get confidence and skills here before hitting the scooters there! (If you've been to Bali you'll know what i mean!!)
    I am only reallu after a 125cc or 150cc as i will not be cruising around on highways all weekend or anything and im happy with auto becuase that's what i'll be riding there. AND I guess I don't really want to spend too much either........
  4. well when you decide which one you want, come down to sat morn prac sessions and get some safety pointers by the Dave N Doug, we turn up at the back of the BP servo on beach rd St Kilda, starts at 10am, you are welcome to turn up and say hi without a bike, starts up this saturday again after the crissy break.
    search this site maybe in the scooter section see if you can find anything about your preferred scooter, and I am certain someone asked about the 125 or 150 [which one should I get] question, some recommend the Aprilla, but search n read missie :) have you got safety gear yet?
  5. Hi Goddie,
    Sorry but I am way too far form St Kilda to pop down and have a practice! Im in Port Macquarie! So, have definitely gone away from the Manhattan and looking at a Piaggio Fly 125 on Wednesday - Very happy with my choice! Havent got safety gear yet - will get the all when I get the bike. (My dad is a motorbike head so i'll go down to his and he can come with me to get it sorted!)
    Have a good weekend!!
  6. I bought a new Honda Lead 150 for a friend. Only cost $2000 ride away.

    It was ok to ride I guess, more or like sitting on valium, but hey, whatever rocks your boat. It's a Honda, so its gotta be good :)
  7. Don't have a Manhattan but I'd echo the comments about sticking to major brands because they're much easier to get serviced.

    It's a shame that this is necessary, but it can be tricky unless you have the skills and access to parts to do the stuff yourself.

    That was my experience anyway.
  8. Hi,
    Where did you land the Honda 150 for $2000??? From my net searching that sounds like an unbelievable price!!! Wouldn't mind a honda if i can get it for that!! -Does Lead's come in a 150...?
  9. Sorry, was the lead 100, which would explain the performance (or lack!). I think for around the city it would be awesome though, they turn on a dime.

    Got it from Sydney City motorcycles.