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Manhattan crisis

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by dropbear, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Whilst undergoing my mid-life crisis i purchased a scooter ( Manhattan 150L)

    Whilst new to riding i've found it great to ride.
    The manufacturer is well known outside Aust. ( xingyueshen )
    NRMA did a review in April 2008 said it was ok.
    They have a nationwide deal with "ultratune", very handy.
    I get a 150cc, 16" wheels, topbox and alarm ( great if you don't want pissheads riding ya scoot outside the boozer - scares the crap out of em; or ya don't plan on theft insurance) as standard on the road for $3000

    I'm a happy customer/rider :grin:

    PS: If in Melbourne you see a silver Manhattan, black stackhat (with bullet holes) it's the dropbear!
  2. Welcome dropbear!!
    Brave man to take on Melbourne on a Manhattan!
    No other riding experience???
  3. i cant believe that username was available :shock:
  4. Welcome! You will cop some stick here riding a scooter, especially one called The Manhattan!

    But stick around, you'll have fun!
  5. Hi Dropbear,
    Im guessing you have had your Manhattan for a while now - how is it? (Or was it?) Im looking at getting one but have heard very mixed reviews?
  6. .......................

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  7. Sadly, the dropbear has a post count of 1 meaning he's almost certainly not around to read your question... and haswasted one of the neatest handles extant! Bah!
  8. damn, maybe he 'fell out of a tree'? lol
    sunny today in melbourne maybe he/she's doing a latte down near the beach??
  9. & he last logged in in 2008, so may not be checking the thread regularly ;)
  10. Hahah I know! I saw the lates and thought id still g ive it ago - maybe someone on this thread can help.? has anyone else had or has a Manhattan?
  11. Stirred, not shaken