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VIC Managing tyres for the track

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dima, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I wonder how the track day junies manage the tyres to get the most out of them.

    I'm in VIC, so will take PI and Broadford as example.

    I do a lot more Broadford ride days (right hand heavy) and few PI (left hand).

    About 5-10 broadies to 1 PI.

    For example, I currently have a set (track-only) that did 1 PI and 2 Broadford track days.
    Obviously, it's worn a lot more on the right.

    It'll do another Broadford or maybe two, but I don't like to push it too far.

    So normally, I would do another Broadford and discard the set (with still pretty good left side).

    But this time I decided to remove the current set and keep it until I'll do PI.
    It'll be perfect for PI as the left side is still very good and right will also work well there.

    So I've put a new set on for another 2 Broadfords and when I'll need to go to PI, I'll use the old set.

    Does that sound reasonable? What are your strategies for maximising the tyre life (without doing any weird stuff)?

    I know many people flip the tyres, but I don't want to as Pirelli does not recommend that (on Supercorsa SCs).
  2. Sounds like a cost effective plan. No point wasting good rubber. Like I said previously I normally only get a day and a half out of a pair of SC. But should hopefully be a bit more on the gsxr as it's only a 600 so not putting the ponies down
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  3. Only if I could refit the tyres myself. Still need to pay to change them over unfortunately :(
  4. Second set of wheels?

    Depends how often you are doing them might be worth getting a second set..
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  5. I've got second set mate. But I'm using one set for the road, one for the track (don't have a dedicated trackie).
  6. No tyre company is ever going to "recommend" flipping tyres. That doesn't mean heaps of us don't without any trouble. I've only done it with slicks but with supercorsas minimal tread which runs along the tyre I couldn't see any issues.
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    Dunlop does for some of their slicks (don't remember which, will need to do some googling).

    As far as I know, the tread is not the main issue, it's the way the tire is built.
    The layers can be overlayed specifically for one direction to manage all the forces applied on tire. Reversing that may get one into a trouble. So flipping makes you rely on luck.

    There was even a court case about flipped tyres somewhere (from my research on the net, don't have references handy).
  8. The link is below. It specifically states that the tire has double directional arrows.

  9. For me - always warmers thats one key to better tyre life, and I use Bridgestone slicks and flip them (both our tracks are mainly left handers).
    As for tyre life, it actually got a lot better once I upped the pace to something decent, especially entry speed.
    When you have to slow an entry speed, the usual thing is to wind on the throttle quicker and chew through the rear tyre.

    As for changing tyres, get a bead breaker (under $100 from heaps of sites) and some decent long tyre levers, I can change a set including taking wheels off and back on the bike in ~30 minutes in the shed.
  10. Already using and liking warmers a lot.

    You can't just tell someone to go faster to improve tyre life. It's a gradual process that needs a bit of time.

    I'm in between Fast and Medium Fast at Broadford and closer to the front of Med Fast at PI, so not sure if that counts as descent?

    Can you step by step us on how you're doing it without balancer, air compressor, rim protectors etc?
  11. Static balancers are pretty cheap. Can buy on eBay bud. Weights can also be purchased
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  12. Sorry I wasn't clear enough with the go faster thing lol

    What I meant to say was, you seem to be like me, consistent and looking to lower times by riding well consistently not just fluking a quick lap here and there, and I found that as I got faster, I actually started using less tyres up (to a point obviously)

    I have never ridden at Broadford or PI yet unfortunately :( so I cant comment, pace wise down here I am approx 2.5 secs a lap off the quickest guys (at club level, excluding when ASBK etc are down)

    I do have a compressor now but my old trick was drive up to the servo lol, and rim protectors are cheap, and can usually come in a bundle with levers.
    I have a static balancer (again on sale from torpedo7 at ~$70, but to be honest, I just balance the rim, and haven't really bothered with tyres, they might not be perfect, but I've never had any issues, maybe im just lucky but motorcycle tyres in particular are constructed very well these days.

    The whole setup cost me around $250 incl compressot, which isn't many tyre changes as you'd well know!
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  13. Yeah, I guess so.

    This is my min list aprox list that I'd need to change the tyres:

    • Valve core remover
    • Bead breaker
    • Balancer
    • Tyre irons (spoon bars) x3
    • Rim protectors x2
    • Weights
    • Air compressor
    Other little things may be
    • Wooden blocks to put the wheel on
    • what else??

    From all the above I have nothing and will need to purchase all of that.
    Then I may just go for No-Mar tyre changer or similar.

    Also never having done that myself, it's going to be a bit of exercise for me and my paranoiac perfectionism will make me tingle a bit :)

    All good, that's probably just me reading it incorrectly.

    There's a video here on the other thread of me at Broadford where you can see my riding ATM, so again not sure where I stand in what you're saying.
    But I imagine I'd be way off any race pace :)

    Yeah, servo may do the job.

    That's interesting... I'd still want to balance the tyres for sure.

    $250 cost sounds quite cheap. So I may need to do some research. Could be a viable option for me.
    Thanks for the help!
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  14. It's not hard. Usually there's a red dot on the sidewall. This is the lighter side of the tyre and as such should be mounted in line with the valve stem. This will hopefully mean you will need minimal weights to balance. I've had plenty of supercorsas that don't need any weights
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  15. My suggestions in italics, for what they are worth. As an aside, I change all my tyres myself, both knobbies for off-road and supermoto/road tyres. Practise, practise, practise, it get's a lot easier!

    • Valve core remover. Metal valve caps with remover tool built onto it available at SuperCheap et al. Very cheap and convenient. Work perfectly.
    • Bead breaker. Couple of medium size G-clamps and small wood blocks will achieve this very easily. Specially if the tyres are being regularly changed, as the beads won't be stuck to the rims as hard as a tyre that's been undisturbed for a long time.
    • Balancer. As RR above, may not be entirely necessary.
    • Tyre irons (spoon bars) x3. (y) Spoons are much better than standard levers.
    • Rim protectors x2. Even better with three, matches # of spoons.
    • Weights. As for balancer.
    • Air compressor. 12V compressor run off bike, or even better run off car? Buy a reasonable quality one, pain in the arse when, not if, the cheapie craps out on you when you just want it to work!
    Other little things may be
    • Wooden blocks to put the wheel on Plus groundsheet/rug/blanket etc to keep debris out as you work on the tyres/wheels.
    • what else?? Bead Buddy perhaps, to help keep bead in the well of the rim while you work the tyre off/on with the spoons. Tyre lube, Windex works well.

    Good luck!

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  16. Some very useful suggestions. Thanks guys.
    I'll definitely look into it again. Will need to plan my expenses :)
  17. Next time I do a set I will try and document the process, well my process anyway
  18. Thanks in advance for that. I know it sounds simple but every little detail would be useful for me. Evil is in the details :)
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