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Managed to blow a postie bike up.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bretto61, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Yup.. as the title states.
    Pretty proud of myself, and the bike actually.
    This poor one has been hit twice and backed over once in it's life. And for 59,598km it has had a very hard life.
    It was stuffed before Xmas really. Sounded more like an Italian sports bike than a postie with all the mechanical rattles going on in it.
    So I made a deal with it in November. "You get me through Xmas and I will change your oil and give you a wash and put you out to pasture in January.
    Well I had finished my shift and was on the transport section back to my shed today. Maybe a one K run in an 80k zone. But I have to come through a roundabout and then hit a posted 30kmp/h 90 degree bend and onto the strait.
    While the roundabout is tricky, the 90 is the hard bit between me being able to do 80kmp/h up the strait to my shed or not.
    Now I see it as safety me doing the speed limit. Big trucks use the road and if they go by I have no room to go anywhere but in a very big ditch. So 80 it is.
    I hit the 90 @ 80. Not matter how smooth I go 6 to 8 hp doesn't maintain corner speed well. So I usually come out @ 60 to 65. That works great though and the postie flies up to 80 and then does its little wobble thing.
    Cept today. It started stalling while I was still on my run. So I rode fast and got through the last bit fast. It felt a little doughy going through Coolum but sat at the speed limit. All good.
    We hit the 90 corner @ 80 and all good, tucked up for the strait and it did not speed up. Matter fact it started slowing down lol. No big bang or anything.
    Got to my shed and we were down to about 25. Rolling the throttle just made "mort mort sounds. Good thing it was idling high. I got to the shed door and got off and it stopped. No big scene or crying it's oil all over the floor.
    Pulled the plug and found most of the ring wrapped,melted and stuck to the spark plug. Pulled the side I/O off and the cam chain is on and fine.
    What a bloody good reliable honest work tool.
    RIP old mate

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  2. Good that she got you home Bretto. I hope you'll give her a decent funeral. LOL.

    Just out of interest, will AP replace her, or do you have to cough up for it yourself?

  3. i don't think that's ever been done before.
    people have tried to kill them, but never suceeded.
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  4. Me and a mate tried to drown one in a farm dam once. We dried it off and it ran like a dream, eventually.
  5. Sounds suspiciously like how my C90 died after I'd owned it 3 months. New piston in a rebored barrel and she'll be good for another 60,000 I reckon :D.
  6. Nah Garido I am a contractor. AP pays nothing. Cant even buy a second hand one strait off them. Although they get us a good price on a new one.
    Yeah I am pretty proud. Must be getting old as I have not blown up anything of late.
    If it wasn't so bent in the frame a 140 big bore kit would be fun. But it really is farked.
    Still bet I could get it running with some wire ha ha. I will have a look and see if te bore is not too bad. If it's ok I will just replace the rings and use it at next years xmas party.
  7. I saw a clean looking CT200 out front of a house here a couple of weeks ago for $1000 ono. If it's in good order it would be a good little slogger. If I ever get over this horrendous Flu or whatever it is, I might go and investigate.
  8. Is it an iron bore on the Postie? It was on the C90 and, had I been in evencheaperskate mode than I was, I reckon it might have been OK with a new piston and rings. As it was an exchange rebored barrel was, IIRC, nine quid which even I was able to afford.
  9. Good work Bretto! You should also mention - in the interests of honesty and fairness, that it's about 41 C today and blowing a gale...
  10. Well I hope you're all being careful when playing with matches then :shock:.
  11. Mine did the same thing at 80kmh on the warringah freeway. It was at 37000kms and ended up being only a burnt valve so it was fixed. Pull the head off and have a look.
  12. Thanks VC
    Yeah I would say the valve for sure as well. It was starting to get a really nice sound on overrun when you shut it down from WOT down a hill. Like when a valve is too tight or you have pneumatic valves.
    It's in the parts bin now. Got a new one ... thanks Nando @ pro Honda lol. Sorry old old mate. :)
  13. managed to get the fuel tap to on when I thought I had it on reserve. Led to me making an emergency turn off onto a median in the middle of traffic. >.<

    Also snapped the little footplate thing off one of the kickstands. My poor work bike gets the shit kicked out of it.
  14. I guess at 60000 its had a good life.
  15. I can't remember what show it was, but they threw one of these postie bikes off of a building to smash into the carpark below, and it still started. lol
  16. Way way back in my telegram delivery days I did something similar to a 90cc postie.

    Long 3 kilometre downhill run crouched down at an indicated 90km/hr - I was feeling pretty pleased with that speed when everything locked up...

    The motor had seized up nicely. I don't know how I didn't come off but it caused a really long skidmark (and one on the road as well) :)
  17. I remember that one Rob.
    It was a show on the world best motorcycle ever produced. Ewan Macgreggor I think was in it. Don't know if this is the same show http://whoridesavespa.com/2007/01/17/10-greatest-ever-motorbikes/
    The Cub 50 won. The 916 second.
    Yup Pat it's a CI bore/head/barrel.
    I am thinking a bit of emery cloth and some new rings and it will fire up again for sure.
    They do go faster will no oil in them. True story.
    Picked up my new one on the way home today. Soooooo nice. All strait and quite mmm goooooood.
    Once again a big thank you to Nando @ pro Honda Kunda Park. He did not have one in stock as no one carries them, and it was there ready for me today in perfect condition. A day after I rang him. Great work.
  18. I knew a guy who bought a gsf250 and didn't check the oil. 2 days later it locked up on him. It actually threw a leg out of bed, which I've never seen a bike do. I wish I had a photo.