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Man who robbed a bank for a dollar

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Followed by a rather left-wing article on the topic.


    This week a story about a man robbing a bank for one dollar became widely circulated. KTLA News reports:

    The way right-wingers have been responding to this story is predictable.

    Many commentators scoff at the man and claim that this story is liberal media ultra hyped-up sensationalism: After all, no one is denied healthcare in the US and the real problem is that medical costs are too high due to Medicare and other interfering government programs. This is a frequent argument by fiscal conservatives: The US should not provide universal healthcare and those that think we need it should stop complaining because we already have it. There is some truth in this argument. If a person calls 911 and gets sent to emergency that person will be cared for even if they are not covered by insurance. Although, can one say that that person will get the same quality healthcare as one with insurance? A few years ago my friend's young daughter broke her arm. She came home with it tied to a board. The the insurance my friend had would not cover giving her a cast until the doctor under his plan would be available. She had to wait to get it properly fixed. This was "healthcare" with insurance! Furthermore, this argument that the government needs to stop interfering with medical care is not honest. Does anyone really think the medical industry will go out of its way to provide cheap affordable healthcare inspired by ethics or the benevolent equalizing forces of the "free market"? I pose a question: Does anyone think an eighty year old grandma with no savings or insurance, who is soon to die anyway, be denied medical attention because she has no money? If you think she must be cared for you believe in universal healthcare. If you don't think she should be cared for you are,to put it in a vulgar term, a dick.

    I know, I know, there is a financial crisis. Thomas Donnelly wrote in the Weekly Standard that perhaps even the US military getting socialized healthcare is too much of a social burden. He writes:

    He then points out some more "insight" by US officials:

    So, the practical thing to do is cut back or cut off medical care to US military. As Donnelly points out, healthcare for soldiers is not important, "The end, the larger purpose, is killing our enemies." Another question I ask is directed to our US military: Is Thomas Donnelly your friend or enemy? With the global class-war being waged from the top against the majority of humanity, there is one important question I direct to the majority of humanity: Who is our real enemies?
  2. Lilley, stop that. It's a friday.
  3. it wasn't friday yesterday
  4. Well you didn't exactly post this yesterday, did you now?
  5. Did somebody say...

    Sorry couldn't help myself
  6. Bad man, look what you've started.

  7. *facepalm* thread!
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    haha check out the top comments

    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1)̲̅$̲̅] here you go.

    stevendanieldodson 1 day ago 71

    here you go buddy

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    and then this comment:

    It's lucky he's not British, 'I need a pound, pound, a pound that's what I need' doesn't sound quite as good.. ;)

    ssiiaaann 5 hours ago 2

  10. Considering it was still thursday night at the time, I'm going with I did. Friday begins at sunup.
  11. It still works depending on your situation ;)
  12. no doubt about that ;)
  13. I was going to drag this thread into the gutter, but you guys are on it, carry on.