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Man Wanted...Apply Within :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ThePaintedLady, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Hey all I am a 38 year old crazy bikie chick looking for love in all the wrong places! ha ha
    I have a Hyosung Aquila 250cc cruiser that I learnt to ride on a few years ago and have kept her ever since...
    I am looking to meet up with some other bike riders on here to expand my group of friends!
    Anyone out there around Newcastle NSW that wants to ride along with me give me a holla and we can go cruising....
    Chow for now :D:D:D

  2. Damn,,,,wrong state. ](*,)

    Oh, & welcome to Netrider anyway,,,even though you got my hopes up with your thread!!! (y)
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  3. Ok i will take one for the team

    Are you hot ?
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  4. Dunno....Am I???
    Of course I am!!! If I dont love myself every night then who will???
    Ha Ha

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  5. *nods* lose the hyo...then she's worthy...above all else she deserve's alotta credit for actually throwing a pic straight up...*two thumbs up*

    out of curiousity - we always hear horror stories of them...so have you had any issue's with the hyo or havn't had it for long?

    Welcome by the way *tips hat*

    it doesn't take long to ride interstate mate ...perhaps she'll happily stalk you after one date...you never know when you might need a second lunch at work...turn around and she'll be there waiting with it !
  6. 87crisis...
    To your 1st post..
    Yes have had the Hyo for 6 years now and have not had many probs with her...The only thing was a few years ago when it went thru a period of not starting when it felt like it but it seemed to fix itself.

    To your 2nd post...
    Honey i don't stalk no one...
    If they are into me then thats cool but if not thats cool too...I dont chase no one.

    As I said....If I don't love myself every night who will? Ha ha!
  7. I like this one. Can we keep her?
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  8. Crisis is having some issues 2 nite

    Welcome to netrider
  9. Im in Newcastle.
  10. So you mean he's in crisis?
    Thanx for the welcomes y'all!
    Singing off now to get some shut eye...
    Chat tomoz (y)
    ThePaintedLady xx
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  11. #11 87crisis, Aug 21, 2012
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    phil is on his rags tonight...seem's to think i'm being over the top with people ...don't mind him

    phil try some cranberry juice mate [media=youtube]NM6AeW8ok6E[/media]
  12. you are rather attractive actually.

    but you have no soul.
  13. have fond memories of Hunter St and Nobby's beach, welcome PL
  14. Welcome to NR. (y)
  15. Hey all,
    Thanx for welcoming me!
    Blabbus Toolicus I am definately up for a blat around Newcastle...Sundays are my usual day to get out and about.
    Morbosity I love the mountains!
    I especially love Mount Sugarloaf although some of the corners have bad cambers on them pushing you away from the corners...I was going way to fast one day at the top on a corner and it pushed me across the lane! 8-[
    Needless to say I now take that corner much slower...
    I went on the Hunter Valley poker run the other weekend hosted by the Glads and it was awesome!
  16. Heaps of riders in your area. Keep an eye on the NSW rides thread.

    Welcome in.

  17. welcome to NR :)
  18. MT1 what a stupid comment I have no soul...
    By what scientific evidence do you base that opinion on? :applause:
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  19. Just ignore blab
    He is in SA for starters.
    There is no point having an empty tool box