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Man Up

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by blerko, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Sorry if already posted!

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  2. As we head into spider season, you had to post this didn't you? :p
  3. Spiders just mean a free breakfast.
    They taste like chicken - hairy, squishy chicken. :LOL:
  4. Great...you've got the job. I'll call you when I spot one of the beady eyed little buggers.

    But your spiders tasting like chicken does concern me.
  5. That just made me feel sick - thanks...(chicken off the menu tonight).
  6. Ever eat processed chicken?

    Spiders are just the logical progression
  7. Are you the devil?
    Please keep your chick-spidees to the confines of your hard drive :p
  8. I prefer Arachnafowl.
    Or "flavour enhancer 618" :demon:
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  9. The only enhancing spiders get around here is an aerosol can and lighter.

    And now convinced your the devil.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Seriously, arachnafowl? Where do you get this stuff? :eek:
  12. he must have hacked into the csrio secret underground testing lab in Gippsland.

    some of those things escaped a while back.
    all a bit hush hush
  13. With the industrial strength spider spray I use, they won't be heading my way.... [-(

    Must give the lighter/spray combo a go though...
  14. hahaha...

    jd, do you make these pics when you want them, or do you have some massive database of evil? I agree with Chicken...
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  15. The internet is my database of evil, and "image search" my minion.
  16. ^^ Can't even look at that - That whole exposure therapy thing is a crock.

    Definitely evil, no doubt about it.

    What is it with NR and spiders?
  17. You must not be doing it right. Have you followed all of the steps.

    Oh, and just to maintain my image:
  18. :twisted:JD you are the lord of twisted evil. I had my nana nap after a MASSIVE week at work, only to wake 20min later thinking there was a spider on me...thankyou kindly
  19. I'm not a chicken with a plan... I'm just a chicken.
  20. But I AM chicken with a plan :p