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Man throws child off West Gate Bridge

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Bungle, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. "are we there yet?" really does get to you after a while eh?
  2. If this is true... (it is the Herald Sun, after all)... I have no pity for what will happen to him in what remains of his life. It won't be pretty.
  3. WTF is wrong with people these days. If things get that bad dump the poor kid at a shopping centre or something like that where she is going to be safe and sent to DHS or something.

    Maybe with the kid being 5 she probably knows where she lives so this may not work but do you have to throw her off a bridge.

    I hope they catch the prick and he ends up in jail. Even just for one or two days would be long enough for someone to give him what he deserves.
  4. far out :shock: i wonder what family history lead up to this?? you can only imagine what tell tale signs may have been missed
  5. Can't assume it was their kid.
    Might be a paedo trying to dispose of the evidence.

    Not sure which is the more disturbing though.
  6. I hope somebody finds and stabs this motherfcuker in the stomach. Make it slow and painful.
  8. This kinda stuff really pi$$es me off... I hope the little girl has a chance at a normal life if she is resuscitated.


    What is the worst charge they would throw at him if convicted?
  9. Murder. But he'll plead insanity and get off with a $500 fine or some shit.
  10. The young lass passed on. :(

    He was on his way to family court for divorce.
    Give just 2 minutes in a locked room with the mofo.
  11. One can only imagine the torture of mind that led the man to do this. I feel so sad and sorry for him, and for his family, which will be scarred forever by this deed of the moment.
  12. +1 Best comment so far. Despite what he did (which simply defies belief!) I really feel sorry for him to be in such a tragic state of mind that an action like this is the end result.

    That poor little girl. :(
  13. Dougz, with reference to your comment in my "What Happened?" thread, Netrider was down from about 9:00am yesterday till the early hours of this morning (our time) so most of the comments in this thread were posted just as the story was developing. I had the leeway of thinking about it overnight before posting, and the chance to think about the poor guy's state of mind a bit better than the people who posted above :wink:.
  14. That's cool Paul, I'm not having a dig at anyone :), but point taken.
  15. Sorry gents but I stand by my comment. If he was such ill of mind and not trying to get back at his ex wife, why didn't he jump instead?

    It's similar to the nasty biatch who killed her sons a couple of years ago in Surrey Hills (vic) to get back at her husband.
  16. But that's the point mate. Who knows or can understand such a thing? You can't expect rational decisions from someone in his obviously horrendous mental state. To take the extreme action of throwing your own child off a bridge you have to be very very mentally unstable.

    *edit* and it's not the same as the Surry Hills woman because we don't know why he did this. The only similarity is that he killed his offspring. I'm just incredibly saddened by the whole thing.

    To achieve what exactly?
  17. WTF is it that leads a devoted father, ( :? stated on the news page ), to carry out such a horrific act on such a young child. I feel gutted & confused to think what must have gone through such an innocent young mind during what I can only call a cold callous act, as she was thrown over by someone she always assumed would be there to protect and nuture her.

    My God, what have we become?
  18. truly tragic event
  19. Cmon Dougz. You are a father after all. My kids got extra long hugs lastnight and my wife and I were almost in tears.
    2 mins would allow me to inflict just part of the pain his daughter felt and the rest of the family will feel for years to come. Sorry, but there are no excuses for killing your own child, mental illness or not.
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