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Man set himself alight outside Brisbane court

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Link

    Honestly, I am speechless. He must have really believed in what he was protesting...

  2. wow... what must things have come to if you end up doing that for something you believe in?
  3. You honestly need to ask?


    The practice is also called bonzo because Buddhist monks immolated themselves in protest of the Vietnamese regime in 1963. - Wikipedia.

    Interesting article, seems people have been doing it for years.

  4. "A police source said the the man was suffering a mental illness and the incident did not appear to be related to any ongoing court matters."

    Id be interested to see this mans history before believing that. Why the courthouse?
  5. Yeah, I want to hear the poor buggers story here...
  6. an Afghan bloke did the same thing several years ago in front of parliament house because his family wasn't allowed a visa. Unfortunately he died. A week or two later his family was allowed entry.
  7. Shame the lawmakers and ridiculous judges don't do it to themselves.
  8. what a stupid comment in the light of such a tragic event, shame on you.
  9. +1 hornet
  10. the man's a flaming idiot :LOL:
  11. ^^^ thanks dad.
  12. Fan of anarchy or just enjoy rebelling against whatever we've got?
  13. The guy died by the way.
  14. Somehow, I already guessed that.
  15. Possibly just 'experienced'...
  16. Sounds like he got a bit fired up...