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Man sacked over facebook status's when stranger informs his employers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/technology/8208650/man-sacked-for-racist-slurs-on-facebook

  2. Yep, just reinforces the idea that you have to be careful what you say online, even as anonymous posters on websites such as Netrider.
  3. ................
  4. Good on her. Sounds toxic to his company's image if nothing else~
  5. Probably a grade-A ar#$hole. OTOH, this is Australia and nobody likes a dobber either.
  6. Nowadays it's the "right" thing to do. I had a look at what this asshole wrote on facebook. It's not nice, however I don't see why he should lose his job over it. Don't know who is worse, him or the nosey law student. What did she achieve, exactly?
  7. A step backward in the implied freedom of expression in Australian Constitution?
    WIN :roll:
  8. Nothing in the Australian constitution implies that AFTER having agreed voluntarily to a set of employment terms and conditions that one has the right to then breach that agreement.

    If that person wanted to maintain the right to make those types of statements then he should have declined the employment agreement, and looked for employment elsewhere.

    None of the above implies I approve of such statements BTW.
  9. I just don't get the mentality of searching for him on facebook, then reporting him to his employers for something that however stupid and offensive was obviously said between friends on facebook. Hasn't she ever heard the saying mind your own business.

    I would also be interested in how he would fare in a unfair dismissal case for being sacked over things said out of work on a social networking site, if they don't pertain to his employment
  10. Sage advice - never put in writing that which you do not want held up against you in court.
  11. If he was talking about his fellow staff, and in some cases he was, then that's racial vilification of other staff and would 'pertain to his employment'.

  12. I'm not across his personal agreement, and I didn't see any mention of the terms of his in the article

    That said the line in the article that states he had made comments about co-workers is the one that likely got him sacked (IMO)

    FYI - I don't agree with the comments he made, in fact most of them were well over the line.
  13. I can't believe he was so stupid as to slag off his fellow employees on-line and think it wouldn't get back; that's just digital dumb :roll: :LOL:
  14. I haven't seen his particular one however I've seen a number of Thiess employment documents and they have relevant terms.

    I can't imagine his would be significantly different in those particular areas since none of the other were (but it's possible).
  15. Sometimes I think my boss is an idiot, other times he just does stupid shit.
  16. Im asian and have suffered racism many times in my life, but as far as im bloody concerned its none of any ones business apart from those in my f/b friends list.

    Everyone is racist and have their likes and dislikes. So long as they act professionally at work and not discriminate then they are OK in my book.

    This isnt a perfect world where everyone likes everyone else.

    Some soft skinned idiot got offended, hopefully she too will get karmas swift kick on the bum one day.
  17. Oh before anyone goes off their nuts on me............remember that blonde joke thread or the many other so called funny threads in this forum? Those were not meant to be serious yet anyone of them could be used by these thin skinned people and get a whole load of netrider guys fired.
  18. I work for Thiess at the moment..... so they are a great company who id love to work with for years to come. I cant believe anyone would badmouth them or the fantastic employees and sub contractors like those turkeys did on facebook and they deserve what they got.
    Im also highly impressed with the administration and managerial skills of those who are in charge, and believe that no other company could do such a fantastic job at Thiess under the difficult environmental licencing that the government has imposed on this project.


    Now that im done buttkissing while working with them (only for another few months thank god... next job is awesome!)... all the agreements signed are nothing to do with badmouthing the company etc, but confidentiality/fair work/harassment/etc agreements. Most likely his comment also breached one or many of those in some way.