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News Man killed in motorcycle accident at Silverton while recreating scenes from Mad Max movie

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. A 27-year-old man killed in a motorbike accident outside Broken Hill was part of a group of Mad Max fans recreating scenes from the films.

    Police said the man died on Tuesday night when his motorbike collided with a prime mover near the village of Silverton, where scenes from the iconic post-apocalyptic film were shot.

    He has not been formally identified, but police from the Barrier Local Area Command said he was not from the local area, and was believed to be a US national.

    The man is believed to have been part of the Mad Max Silverton Collective, who gather together every two years to dress in Mad Max costumes, drive replica vehicles and visit the film's locations.

    Inspector Matt Scott said Broken Hill detectives have been at Silverton interviewing witnesses today.

    "It does appear from investigations at this stage that people involved in the collision were in the area attempting to recreate scenes from a film," he said.

    "We're continuing to investigate the actual cause of the collision."

    Crime manager Mick Stoltenberg said the 50-year-old driver of the truck was not injured.

    "He'll be assisting police with our inquiries and he's also been subjected to a blood and urine test," he said.

    Detective Inspector Stoltenberg said a crime scene was set up overnight and investigations were continuing.

    Silverton is the home of the Mad Max Museum and the site of a biennial gathering of Mad Max fans.

    Mad Max fans 'devastated' by death
    Silverton resident and owner of the Silverton Hotel, Peter Price, said the man's death was just starting to hit home.

    "There has been an outpouring of grief from everybody that's been involved and we've had numerous phone calls this morning from avid fans that have been this way and it's been ... not nice," he said.

    "We all feel for everybody involved at different levels, whether we know them or not.

    "For the Mad Max family, it is a group of people worldwide and they'll be devastated by this, but I think the support that's there is so strong in the culture and I think there'll be plenty of support for everybody.

    "As far as the village is concerned we all feel for the people that were here celebrating this event that's taken place over a few years now.

    "Our special thoughts go out to all those people tied up in the Mad Max group and certainly to Lindy and Adrian who run the Mad Max 2 Museum in Silverton [who help organise the events].

    "[Mad Max] has been part of the Silverton psyche you might say for over 33 years now since the film was made.

    "[The organisers] are very passionate about what they do and [the event] brings a big range of diverse people from all over Australia and all over the world to witness a place where this iconic field has taken place."

  2. You are hereby notified that the stunts and tricks displayed in this video are performed by professionals in controlled environments, such as closed circuit road tracks. Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar stunts and tricks at home, as personal injury or property damage may result. The producer of this video is not responsible for any such injury or damage.
  3. Speed limits in Silverton to come down permanently.
  4. should have been wearing a Hi-Viz vest.....
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  5. Very sad to hear. Reports suggest he was cresting a hill. Road trains in the outback are deadly, as it's like trying to drive a rattlesnake and the black top roads are often just wide enough for one and a half vehicles. I nearly got splattered by one last year on a crest and bend. Sat quietly in the LandCruiser with hubby waiting for the dust to settle and the adrenaline of trying to stop a 3 tonne vehicle to leave me, then heard the driver belatedly call out over the UHF 'Road train coming through, hehehehe....'
  6. Who said Cosplay was perfectly safe?
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