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Man killed by racer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sinner, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. This was in this mornings Sydney paper.

    A man was killed by a car that was apparently racing a motor bike.


    If you have a chance read the comments of the readers, motorcyclist aren't the most favourite people today.

    Anyone who trys and say anything about supporting the rider gets fried.
  2. I guess even electronic stability control can't help some people. :?

    (Edit: actually, in retrospect it's probably unlikely that they had a 2006+ S2000, and therefore probably didn't have stability control. Anyway.

    Agreed that it's tragic. I think even saying that it was a dragrace is speculation, though, letalone blaming the rider or making assumptions as to their behaviour.)
  3. You could stab so many of those commentors and simultaneously raise the average IQ of Australians by several points.
  4. This is a timely reminder of how being silly on a motorbike can lead to a tragic incident.

    In some cases motorbikes regularly tend to bring the worst out in people. i.e taking risks and being silly ect. I see it all the time.
  5. Any wonder when the title for comments is Catch the 'bastard' drag racer
  6. It's just sad, because the rider might have no idea that there was an accident at the time. When I ride I wear ear plugs and can't hear shit around me.
    The worst part is, even if the rider comes forward they have already been proven guilty.
  7. was about to post this as a topic myself before finding this thread.

    its pretty tragic.

    i guess the lesson to us as motorcyclists is to be aware that someone wanting to race you at the lights may push it too far.

    ive seen people run into parked cars in the left lane because they were so charged up to race the 'hot car' next to them.
  8. Whats the Speed Limit in that Area? Because they noticeably don't suggest Speeding? Another story lying by omission and half truths to skew perception. Just my opinion...
  9. +1 It demonstrates the "sheep" mentality that exists in the majority of a population and the why the typical "brain washing" e.g. "speed kills" campaign(s) works. Amazing to realise how many people can't disect each individual situation and come to an intelligent conclusion.
  10. People commenting on the forum have suggested that the speed limit in that area is only 80km.
  11. Yeah what was the speed limit? The hume highway goes up to 110km/h and down to 60km/h. Considering they were dragging from an intersection, I suspect it was probably around 60.

    I'm not surprised the motorcycle 'sped off'. Having someone disappear from behind you isn't going to be noticed while you're doing 100. I wear earplugs too, and probably wouldn't have noticed.

    I'm not sure why everyone in the comments section is attacking the motorcyclist - he didn't hit or kill anyone. He didn't write off a s2000 or a Hiace. Other than the fact that he was dragging the car at the lights, it has little to do with him/her.
  12. Good call. Who hasn't taken off normally (which is fast by any car standard) and had some car making dying giraffe noises doing their very best to keep up with you and then flooring it past you once you've hit the speed limit.

    Going by that standard, 2 motorcyclists at a set of lights almost invariably drag race each other. We should all learn to take off slower.
  13. Hit the nail on the head my friend
  14. I didn't think that many people were attacking the rider. Most of what was said against the rider was that it was a low act to leave, and stupid to race. Neither of those comments i disagree with providing they are true. I think though, that there is a very good chance the rider had no idea there was a crash, but if he/she did and left, then that is disgraceful and should be punished accordingly.

    Most of the people in those comments were criticizing the car driver.
  15. Out of how many instances of fast take off from the lights (around Aus.) every day results in a death?

    Probably about one in every half million.

    Unfortunately it would appear that the vehicles were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  16. Absolutely spot on. As my instructor advised......jus let the risk go, it's not worth it :wink:
  17. It's all a matter of perspective. Car drivers will most likely think we're hooning when in matter of fact we take off quite sedately. Car drivers (who don't ride) don't really appreciate how much more quickly bikes accelerate.

    Also I prefer to get up to speed as quickly as possible so that I can put a bit of distance between myself and the front line of cars for safety reasons. More often than not, I'm often overtaken by speeding cars anyway.
  18. Would alot of people know the difference between a race, and a bike who took off quickly (as theycan do rather easily), and a tosser in a car that thought he would give the bike a run for it's money, lost control trying to keep up and killed an inocent party?...

    I'm inclined to think not...

    As has been said...it is quite possible that the bike did'nt even realize there was a crash.
    If he did, then he's a prick, and should've stopped.

    Of course, he's not likely to come forward now due to "racing, dragging, failing to stop" etc allegations...
    He'll lay low I suspect, to avoid the lynching...

    EDIT: Wow!...He came forward - no!...the police did NOT find him...He came forward. My hats off to the fellah, for having the morality to do that.
    Kudos to him.

    BTW...how does the girl passenger become an "alleged" passenger...she was either in the car, or was a pedestrian...Can't they tell from the crash scene FFS.

    It's possible that the car was trying to drag the bike, and that the inexperienced P plater over-reached his minimal abilities, and lost it...Dickhead! :evil:
  19. only race someone if your fast enough to get away from the scene of the impending accident without anyone seeing your number plate.

    sit tight everyone for the wowser backed witch hunt

    Think on that!
  20. 99sydrd, you have touched on something here. When riding a bike most of us here have thrown away the righteous attitude so we can avoid accidents (we have the most to lose) . However, we need to take that attitude one step further and need to rememebr that our actions can directly and (in this case) indirectly hurt someone.
    For example, as I was riding today I overtook a Ford station wagon with a young mum in it which was full of kids. For some reason she got indignant and then tailgated me (I was doing 90 in a 70 zone :roll: ). When she got to a section where she could overtake she did so by speeding by at least 30+kms. Now I had TWO choices. 1st choice, I'll show her and go full throttle and take off. 2nd Choice, back off.
    I chose the later as she had kids in the car. My reasoning for the second choice was that if she lost control because she made a dangerous manouvre to "beat me", I would have felt that I would have been responsible. I felt that I had equal responsibility for those kids, and maybe saved their lives! (I know, touch of the melodramatic) My moral reasoning extends to indirect consequences of my actions, and as drivers/riders we should bear that in mind.
    In terms of the drag racing incident and all the comments on the article, there is nothing on this earth that will stop young idiots from being young idiots. It is part of being a young person, taking risks. They can legislate, they can fine, they can imprison, they can excecute. It will never stop people doing stupid things, especially young people! Plato was complaining about it over 2500 years ago!