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Man jailed over fatal car smash

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. From theage.com.au comes:

  2. Finally we're starting to see just sentencing!
  3. Hear Hear.
  4. About time.

    Now to bring the same sort of sentancing here to the ACT
  5. that was just down road from my dad's, nasty nasty crash, amazing there was only 1 death.
  6. This is the kind of sentencing that the public wants. Unfortunately, it does not happen all the time.
  7. damn straight!

    there are a lot o judges with no balls. the way i see it is.....if you get in a car drunk, you have bad intentions. if you travel that fast in suburbs, you have bad intentions.

    the choices he made said 'i couldn't care less about anyone'. he deserves to be locked up.

    it's just not ok, not at all.
  8. Got what he deserved although probably should have been longer considering how many years he took off the other fella.
  9. It's a pity it takes a death for a judge to hand out more than a fine and a slap on the hand.

    I friends sister was in a head on with a drunk driver. Middle of the night, he was speeding and driving on the wrong side of the road with his head lights off, she was really lucky to walk away.

    All the guy got was a fine and lost his licence.
  10. oh that makes me sick!
  11. Incredible :shock: :shock:
  12. Received this via email today ...

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Netrider Webserver
    Sent: Sunday, 19 August 2007 23:57
    Subject: Netrider website contact

    A new Netrider website contact has been received...

    Name: Rebecca Evans (xxx@xxx.com.au)
    Details: Hi,
    I was hoping you might be able to pass on my thanks to a member of your club "OutbreakMonkey", for comments he posted on your sight on Fri 14th of July 2006 (sorry it was a little while ago). It was with reference to a car accident involving high speed and alcohol at Warneet in 2005. His comments were particularly touching to me as the innocent young man killed in that accident was my brother. If you could express my appreciation, and that of my family I would be truly appreciative.
    I suppose a positive result from that night is that the sentencing for wreckless drivers has become harsher in the last couple of years, which will hopefully deter individuals from causing this type of event to occur . . . . hopefully.
    Rebecca Evans
  13. Just sentencing? Five years does not seem much for what he did. As far as I am concerned, anyone who gets into a vehicle with a BAC of .161 then proceeds to drive around at 155km/h and ultimately kill another person (all because he is a fcuking dunce who was sooking after breaking up with his girlfriend) is sufficiently culpable that it is not far different from murder, and the penalty should reflect it. The disparity in penalties between culpable driving and murder seems to reflect a strange tolerance, which no doubt you're all well aware of or have experienced first-hand, to the most 'wicked' negligence when in the context of motor vehicles.
  14. Anyone want to bet what the appeal will bring it down to? Maybe 18 months good behaviour bond?
    It seems to me initial judgements are reasonable(although I would have liked to have seen 10 years), and people walk on apeals.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. andrew [dirty trix] told me about a disgrunted guy with a gun at the post office in melbourne. his wage was garnished for child support.

    they got the gun and had him dangling out the window by his feet. someone said 'drop him, so they dropped him. his head smashed on the pavement.

    you see, our justice system might be crapola, but if you can get in their first there's no need to rely on a judge.

    another tale comes from usa

    a man had a hostage [young woman] at gun point. the cops shot him with bean bags. in the ambulance he was killed by one or more of the 4 people who were in there with him.

    2 ambos

    2 cops

  16. Ah yes the original Queen Street gunman (was in the old Aust Post HQ not Post Office) although I think you'll find he jumped rather than was pushed or dropped out of the window.
  17. pvda

    i think YOU will find they said that to avoid murder charges.
  18. 5 years? What a joke. Driving smashe is stupid.

    Fanging when smashed is just insane.
  19. Incidents such at this should be considered the same as manslaughter. While there was no premeditation, this kind of reckless stupidity is no less damaging.
    5 years is a long time to be behind bars, particularly for a young man. While it won't aid the deceased's family to greive it does make some ammends for this idiots actions.
    I was happy to read Rebecca's email but I think I can safely say that my sentiments are shared by many Australians.
  20. I thought the same thing, why is this not manslaughter? Its obviously not murder as there was no intent to kill someone.

    Beyond the jail sentance though, this will stay with him and punish him for the rest of his life.