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'Man in burqa' makes armed cash grab

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by quietman, May 6, 2010.

  1. Burqa armed robbery in Sydney

    http://snipurl.com/w0hzx [news_smh_com_au]

    Belgium, France, Italy .... maybe Australia next? :confused:

  2. This is why I support the burqa ban.
  3. Re: Burqa armed robbery in Sydney

    I bloody hope so.
  4. And a ban on ski masks; and scarves; and stockings.

    Farking humans have been getting away with things for too long!
  5. Go wear a ski mask around the shops and see what happens. Or go to the bank wearing it.
  6. You're right - try wearing a motorcycle helmet into a bank - thanks for the heads up, I'll update the list to include a ban on those!

    I was robbed when I was running a shop by a guy wearing a hoodie. It's way too simple to hide away in those things. There should be law AGAINST them dammit! :grin:
  7. Don't forget sunglasses and fake moustaches!
  8. Ok morbo, I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. :D
  9. My work here is done

  10. Ahahahah!

  11. Don't take the piss. It doesn't bother me if it's for legitimate reasons and the wearer isn't out to roll someone, but it won't surprise me if this starts to happen more often.
  12. A motorcyclist writing for ABC makes a few good points.


  13. "The burqa bandit and an accomplice allegedly stalked ... from a shopping centre in Miranda"

    I'm curious as to how the sight of a person wearing a burqa in miranda did not raise alarms in the first place.
  14. Obviously I dont like the burqa either, but looking up to a nanny state to ban it doesnt sit well with me. Ironically the burqa is a result of the state imposing excessive restrictions on dress codes.

    By all means, sway public opinion, let businesses enforce policies, but dont forget the dangers of laws pertaining to human sexuality.
  15. For the people that are saying ban the burqa how many people do you know or have you even seen any people wearing burqas in real life. I live in an area which has around 15-20 mosques within a 20km radius and I am lucky to see a woman wearing a burqa maybe once a month if lucky.

    Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott were both on sunrise this morning and they said the idea is stupid and that it is not even worth mentioning it.
  16. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has accused the opposition of walking both sides of the street after a Liberal senator suggested a ban on the wearing of burqas.

    Outspoken senator Cory Bernardi has called for the banning of the Islamic covering after an armed robbery in a Sydney car park on Wednesday by a man wearing a burqa and sunglasses.


  17. It is a stupid idea. Anyone that thinks it should be banned is a small minded idiot.
  18. Ok then, tell me how you:
    (i) ID the guy who has just robbed a shop (wearing a burqa)
    (ii) ID the guy who just committed a hit and run; (and don't say the rego, you need to ID the DRIVER);
    (iii) tell all the honest upstanding hoodie and helmet wearers why THEY cannot wear them but burqas are OK...
    (iv) ID who is ACTUALLY driving the car and if they have a licence;
    etc etc etc etc...
    Answer you cannot.
    And as a result it could be damn near impossible to charge / convict someone.

    Defence Lawyer: Did you see my client do (pick one of the above).
    Witness: well there was this person clad in black who (pick one of the above)
    Defence Lawyer: Ahhh so you cannot identify who it was?
    Witness: Ummmm no....

    Case dismissed.

    I'm not racist, I just want ONE rule for all.
  19. Is there are ban on driving while wearing a hoodie or balaclava ?

    BTW - There is one rule for all - there's no law against non-muslims wearing burkas :)