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Man I was almost taken out...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Romus, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. ...on my first ride! :(

    My fault. Riding around my quiet neighbourhood, all no thru roads etc and pretty much everyone drives slowly around - lucky for me. I wanted to do a u-turn (50km/h quiet road) and checked mirrors second before, turned for the blind spot check and seeing nothing, i turned, only to see a car slowing to a stop behind me. Lucky for me, i had the indicator on and the guy anticipated me and didnt have to break hard, but still was very annoyed. My neighbour too, I'm embarassed now :/ . Anyway problem is my shoulder armour on the jacket has a piece protruding (just the design of it i didnt think about while buying) and while riding, it sort of stops my helmet so i can't turn all the way to check blind spots. Now have to pull shoulder in/low to turn.

    Man I felt terrible and embarassed for not seeing the car. Feel very lucky too. Somewhere else on the road, or a P plater here, would have smashed me from the side :(

    On a brighter note, GS500 feels beautiful to ride. The cb250 I rode on the course had problems getting into 2nd gear, always kept getting neutral etc. This one is really nice, and it doesn't feel that intimidating either. I think i made a great choice...But DAMN i have to be much more careful :(
  2. It's good that they stopped for you.
    You live and you learn...
  3. Yeah, everything I hear about the GS500 and the F also is that they're a brilliant bike. Good choice.

    You're lucky someone in a car made that anticipation and managed to make up for your error.

    ... don't worry, it'll be the other way around for SO MANY MORE instances in your riding career :)
    I'm sure you'll more than make up for this one.
  4. Never a truer word said. Just remember that when someone DOES do something dumb and before you give them a serve, have a think back to your own mistakes.

    The only part about winter I don't really like is that to stay really warm sometimes I have to wear kit that restricts my mobility. Mind you, better to be warm, take an extra head check and be safe than the alternative.

    And the GS, great bikes, very easy to ride, more than enough power to learn on and stop and handle well too.
  5. I feel a little better about it. I just took it out for 30 mins or so (earlier today i took it out for quick 5 min ride. How bad luck would it be if i did get hit?) and this time i was fine. Being night time you can see cars better and all. I'm sure I'll learn this in no time, but have to practice handling trottle and clutch with hands instead of feet hehe.

    But guys, it is fantastic and I hope nothing happens before I gain enough confidence, because riding is fenomenal. The feeling of being free - no metal around, no seat behind, no seatbelt restraining you... and the sound of the wind (I'm sure I'll learn to hate :)) was really really fantastic :)
  6. Glad your up right.. on the gear and head checks, i have a bit of off road gear and use it while on the road (extra protection) anyhoo what I do is get on the bike, at home not going anywere, with the bike on the side stand (or block of wood for vertical ish action, turned off and just practice moving around loads, with winter gear on, beenie, headphones, look down at the tyres, find the reserve taps (have 2), just all the stuff i might need to do on the road, then head off to the boat car park in St Kilda (big and empty) to pratice all the slow turns, full lock left and right turns etc, agaiun with different gear on, pratice emergancy stops etc, been down there a few times with mates, and each time i mod the bike go through the same routine, larger tank.. another tip i got from the dealer when i picked up the new bike was to go to a car park (empty etc) and let the tyres down, ride around with the front and or rear half flat, then flat etc, (ps have a hand pump) so that if / when it happens out on the road you have a little understanding and less shock.. happy days and nights
  7. that's the first i've heard of a cibby ALWAYS hitting neutral!!
  8. The one they gave me sounded and felt exactly like someone had wound a bunch of wire coathangers together and stuffed them in the gearbox.
  9. Good to hear your on your horse.

    Ive heard of car drivers getting less cautious close to or around there local area... so keep an eye out.

    keep on riding.. you cant rush experience.
  10. edgelett, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the CB's in general. I think it's just that particular bike I had, coz others with me there were fine. Also, who knows how many generations of learners had a go on them, so it could explain.
    I just meant that while on CB i had to concentrate on changing gears, now that's done easy and I can concentrate on more important things - like NOT looking over my shoulder properly :)

    Yea Enduro I wish i had a carpark around here. Even a quiet road is still just that - a road. Carpark would be better, but what can I do. I'll deal with what I've got :)
  11. No metal around ....... what about your helmet?
    no seatbelt around you ...... what about your jacket? You can't even turn your head properly.
    the sound of the wind ........ maybe helmet not insulated properly, may need a quieter helmet.

    The feeling of being free ....... free? how long can you take your hands off the handle bar?

    Just joking. :wink: :wink: I am happy to hear that your neighbour is a safe driver.
  12. Another Honda diehard.
  13. A true realist. :cool: