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Man found by wife lying in gutter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeffco, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Not to sure if this belongs here sorry mods please move if incorrect.

    Man raking leaves found by wife lying in gutter after being hit by hoon trailbike rider

    March 17, 2016

    As Gary Faull lay dying in the gutter after being hit by a hoon trailbike rider when raking leaves, his wife, Glenys, went outside to investigate.

    Crown prosecutor Justin Lewis told the Supreme Court Mrs Faull had heard the bike accelerating before her husband was knocked over outside his neighbour's Corio home and found him lying seriously injured on Howitt Avenue.

    Mr Lewis said neighbour Billy Chmielewski had earlier seen the trailbike being ridden by Mark Sheen heading straight towards Mr Faull.

    Mr Chmielewski described the sounds of the engine as loud revs and that the bike rider was "giving it a bit, revving the throttle", and had lifted the bike on to its back wheel.

    Sheen, 22, who had been on trial for murder before pleading guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter, denied ever lifting the front wheel.

    Mr Faull, 65, had been raking leaves on the nature strip on April 4, 2015, when he threw the garden rake in front of Sheen's trailbike when he was speeding down Howitt Avenue just after 4.30pm.

    There had been previous incidents of trail bikes being ridden by hoons in the area.

    The rake hit the front of Sheen's trail bike and bounced off.

    Sheen continued on for a short distance before turning around and riding straight at Mr Faull, knocking him over.

    Mr Faull, 65, died in hospital 10 days later on April 14, 2015.

    Sheen later fled the scene and evaded police for 18 days until he was arrested on April 22.

    Justice Lex Lasry said it appeared from the evidence that Sheen had driven straight at Mr Faull to frighten him, not to hit and kill him.

    Justice Lasry said he would sentence Sheen on the basis that he did not intend to kill Mr Faull.

    The judge said if someone threw a rake at a trailbike when it was being ridden down a street, the almost inevitable conclusion was that the rider would have been very, very angry about it.

    "He [Sheen] wouldn't have been ambivalent about it," Justice Lasry said.

    "He wouldn't have been calm about it.

    "He wouldn't in all likelihood have been riding back so that he could pull up next to Mr Faull and say, 'Now just a moment, what did you think you were doing throwing the rake under my bike?' That's not what was going to happen."

    But the judge pointed out that this in no way justified what Sheen had done.

    Defence barrister Stewart Bayles said the appropriate characterisation of the incident was that Sheen's criminality lay in his gross negligence when he deliberately rode the trailbike in close proximity to a pedestrian.

    Sheen is expected to be sentenced next month.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/man-raking-leaves-found-by-wife-lying-in-gutter-after-being-hit-by-hoon-trailbike-rider-20160317-gnl6rh.html

    It will be interesting to see what kind of sentence he gets
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  2. 2 fools certainly met that day.
    The judge certainly summed it up well, nothing good was ever going to come by throwing a rake at a motorcyclist however it certainly didn't warrant killing him.
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  3. The real question is what was he doing using a rake? I thought they were banned in place of leaf blowers?

    Nicholai nails it though.
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  4. Probably would have upset him just as much if he'd had a leaf blower thrown at him...
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  5. Can't tell if sarcasm...

    Hoping so....

    *twitch* leaf blowers... *twitch*
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  6. I've got dickhead trial bike riders who think it's fun to ride all over the footpaths near my place...unregistered, uninsured......uneducated idiots.
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  7. I hear tacks are a popular option
  8. what a pair of idiots - a shame someone loses their life over something so minor. he's the rider that creates the negative stereotype which the rest of us are judged by.

    the taking of a life through stupidity should be no less a crime than doing it on purpose - he deserves a hefty sentence!
  9. A few years ago there was this goose on an unregistered bike, ferrying his mates to and fro, (sometime 3 on the bike)...which meant hooning past our place and into the park behind us. This went on for weeks all times of day and night. Rang the coppers and they said yes, we have had hundreds of calls about this kid. ME...Ok what are you doing about it? Well they didn't answer me. Found out name address etc and offered to let the cops know. Long story short, cops appeared at our place one day (after ringing yet again), said they had more important things to do like dragging dead bodies out of cars...WTF? Told them well, they might have a few more dead bodies they wont have to drag out of a car...gave them his name, address etc. Turns out the hoon had ridden up the back of a car, wrecked the bike and hurt himself. Such is life! Karma does happen. The coppers attitude though was unreal.
  10. don't waste your time calling crimestoppers, what a total farce that is.
  11. Why was his wife lying in the gutter?
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  12. Maybe the gutter has the best vantage point
  13. Unfortunate situation - yep, throwing the rake is pretty dumb, but understandably the guy was pissed off with idiots on bikes who consistently annoy neighbors (every town has them - and probably a huge cause of the increased accidents this year in QLD and VIC that is the driver behind legislation and policing changes - it's those idiots that are making it all the harder on us motorcyclists IMHO - take it to the track, or to the sanctioned 4WD & trail-bike trails, you morons). But, to ride straight at the guy that threw the rake, and 'cause' this incident - throw the book at him!
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