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Man finds his real dad is charles manson

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. How'd you be, would you rather have not known. I also love that charles mansons son is a pacifist vegetarian :LOL:


  2. Manson WAS a monster; that's a kind description, actually. By all reports he is unreformed, despite years in prison.

    Just imagine this poor guy having to fill out some form; "mother's name......" "father's name ......." :shock:.
  3. But would it really change your life that much, it certainly wouldn't be good news, but you really would be no different to the person you were the day before.
    finding out your real father was a monster doesnt dtermine that you will suddenly become 1, finding out your dads bald with a really really hairy back would have a few worries for the future though :rofl:
  4. Pah.
    He's a hypochaondriac fairy who's suddenly discovered he's a little bit special.

    Secretly he's stoked to find out he's different, and can't wait for his new friends to take him wand shopping in Diagon Alley.

    Those letters from his dad are probably worth a fortune to some collector of weird and wonderful serial killer stuff.
  5. Ya Think???
    Filling out forms is not an issue, you just stick with your adoptive parents names
  6. Could be a lot worse though - imagine finding out your real dad is Harold Scruby?

    And I'll bet that guy who thought Tony Abbott was his father breathed a sigh of relief when he turned out not to be :)
  7. This is an interesting social situation. The guy says he feels some kind of emotional connection... I think this will be a story worth following. That guy just made his fortune anyway - all the talk shows will be lining up to pay him for interviews.
  8. [​IMG]

    So now you're saying he's a female impersonating vegetarian hippy with sociopathic tendencies?

    .....man, somedays it's hard to keep up.
  9. "That's the hardest thing of all — feeling love for a monster who raped my mother," he says.

    "I don't want to love him but I don't want to hate him either."

    I wouldnt just hate any man who raped my mother, id wish him a slow and very painful death and the only letter i would have sent him is one telling him such! but hey...thats just me.

    Im sure he would be 2nd guessing hereditary tendencies now tho :-s
  10. its hard to judge how you would react if you shared this situation. We are talking here about a deep psychological connection with his adoptive parents severed when he found out about his biological history. Many adopted people feel that finding their biological parent's are an integral part of discovering their identity.

    This man's quest for an identity would certainly have been rocked with this discovery.
  11. Im in no way belittling his situation, couldnt even begin to imagine what sort of mental impact something like this would have on someone ....Manson is a monster , his crimes would have to impact pretty hard on this guy ....

    I myself do not understand how one feels love for another without knowing them?

    If someone walked up to me next week and told me Bert Newton was my dad i wouldnt suddenly start loving him....

    I do understand his need for answers tho, i believe this would have been the reason for the contact in the first place..
  12. Hmmm, just for an example, my half-bro only discovered us about 8 years ago, instant love, although he aint a mass-murderer. It's hard not to feel love for someone you know missing from your life who is an intergral part, especially your father. Depends on the person I spose, but I see where he's coming from, farken hard situation!
  13. Not having a dig, its just I know some people personally who have been adopted so have been able to get an insight into the mindset. As well as this an aspect of my degree focuses on kinship so understanding how adoption can affect notions of kinship is something that i've had to study.

    People are strange beasts, how we act is even stranger.
  14. I'm not sure that what he was feeling is love, so much as probably longing. They both feel similar.

    There was an empty hole left behind from not knowing his father or whether he still has one, that can be more painful than finding out your old man is the boogeyman.

    He's going to go through a whole range of emotions before he finally settles down, I'd be surprised if love is one of them. Maybe he's just in love with the idea.

  15. Yeah i hear ya... 2 of my long term ex boyfriends were both adopted, both had a very similar attitude when it came to their biological parents ...One didnt want to know who they were and showed no interest in ever learning anything about them, he was very protective of his adopted parents and said they are the only parents he ever wanted to know...
    The other was similar...He did talk a lot about wanting to know what his parents looked like but said he held too much anger towards them to ever meet them, his biological mother was trying to contact him and he was refusing the contact.... this became a bit of an issue later on when i became pregnant with my eldest daughter as i thought it would be a good idea for him to accept contact so we could learn a little about his family health history....This was my first baby and i was so anal about every hereditary illness and deformity known to man kind lol

    Anyway i ended up leaving him and a few years later he did have verbal contact with his mother but he never went to see her, said he got what he needed and that was that....
  16. I agree, however " love" was the term he used...
  17. [​IMG]

    I don't get it but man is that creepy!!!!:eek:hno:
  18. I want to know why he even went public with this info?

    Is he a publicity whore?

    Man you got some DNA from a highly intelligent but mad man, we do not take on 100% of our father's DNA.
  19. "My dad's Charles Manson, and I might love him."

    Wow, it sure is lucky there are no friends or family of people murdered or brutalised by him who may want to take revenge on him in some way... oh wait.
  20. Shame Oprah's ending. That's gonna severely cut his interview dollars.