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Man Drought

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Faramir, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. In Sydney, there is a man drought.


    More like there is a wealthy man drought. There is not enough "quality" men out there. Having being single for a long time, and knowing lots of other quality men who are single. There is not a man drought. Nearly everything that I'm involved with (including bike riding), there are more men than women.

    There's a lot more I can say but I'm too tired and I'm not going to defend myself once everyone throws all sorts of accusations at me. I can't be bothered.

    PS: Just a side note. vaguely relating to this topic...
    My gf was single for 5 years and she went after me. Only God knows why..... lol .... lol
    She thinks that there is a man shortage and she thinks that I was one of the last available men. I told her that I can't afford to give her a 4WD every 12 months.. She blasts me because "our relationship is much more than material stuff". She was happy that my last ex-gf was "dumb enough to let me go". Why was I single for a long time: "Because you're a massive dag and you hide under a rock." I think the real reason was that I didn't care about my single status. I had a gutful of ego males showing off their partner as some beautiful accessory.

    I have no idea if this topic will turn out to be a joke or people having a go at each other.... who cares... I'm too tired.
  2. Oh I forgot to add. When my gf's daughter gets older, I'll tell her that it's better to be single and partly satisfied with life than to go into a relationship with an abusive person and be very miserable. There's a lot of f#%$$w$ts who deserve to have their pe$#s cut off (bobbit style) because they are wife/gf bashers, etc. "Decent men" should mean someone with some morals, not someone with kind of status, wealth, etc.
  3. cause you're cute, you have a spark in your eyes and ya cute

    btw, there are heaps o good men out there, and theres some duds too.

    cheers :cool:
  4. There are plenty of good men around.

    The women are using the wrong bait!

    You'll never been happy in a relationship until you can be happy single!
  5. As long as women, AND MEN, try to treat a relationship differently to a friendship, this will always be a problem. You can't have a relationship without first having the friendship. Some men I know treat their dumb bogan mates better than they treat their wives/lovers etc? Who's surprised the ladies are cheesed off when their 'men' would rather be down at the pub putting their pay up against the wall than home being good friends with their partners?
  6. :nail:

    Spot on!
  7. I think that 'rich' is requirement for most women and it seems to pollute the man pool. With money seems to come self-love.

    Theres plenty of good guys around who are not abusive or self involved, etc but they can't afford to go to drive a hot car and visit all the popular night spots so they go un-noticed.

    I must be a good one cos i'm far from rich, but taken nonetheless.
  8. I cant be bothered typing a long winded reply lol (mondayitis)
    All i know is that when you're actively looking for someone, you NEVER find them... Its when you least expect it...

    I believe that desperation is an energy that repells...

    My best mate and i are taken but whenever we go out clubbing etc, because we're not on the prowl, and couldnt care what anyone thinks, we get a lot of attention...

    But whenever we go out with our single friends they always wonder why the guys dont look at them and we always say, you can spot a single female a mile away cause they're either trying too hard to look sexy and stand on the side watching...

    I personally have a few single male friends that are absolute gems and any girl would be lucky to have them... then there are the a$$holes, and visa versa with females...

    I think everyone should read "men are from Venus and women are from Mars" to try and understand the opposite sex...

    Just my 2 cents lol
  9. man drought, huh!?


    let's toss a few names out:

    Cheyenne Tozzi, pari$ hilton, tara mo$$, liz hurley, all the chicks on summer bay as well as the rest of the superficial femme$ of the social set. these gals seem to have no problem finding "quality men".

    so, how can it be that a "normal gal" has a problem?

    quite simple: stop reading/watching the celebrity gossip and daydreaming that one day the likes of a RICH danish prince will whisk you away. oh, and ditch the celebrity sunglasses and do away with the excel cus that's just a cple of the indicators that scares away the few good men amongst us.

  10. pfffff girls...

    "I just want a classy guy who loves and respects me, he doesn't have to be rich or drive a fancy car, just as long as he's got principles and is a decent man.

    ... oh and I also want a tattoo on my lower back."
  11. Ktulu = :nail:
  12. Man drought? YER RIGHT!

    Just about every pub/club ive been to lately has been a friggin Pirtek convention!!! (nothing but hose everywhere!)

  13. decent man drought.. but the definition of decent is brad pitt. ie, status, looks and a bank account big enough to squash a small country.

    i think us guys that arent the decent men cause of small bank balances or not quite looks like a male supermodel are the reason the human race is doomed. girls want their rich prince, so the decent guys are the ones the girls sooking due to lack of decent guys goes to to whinge.

    you know what really shits me? they ALL deny it. im not looking for anyone with money or looks BLAH BLAH.. bullshit. THEN!! you get the others that come in with the "look at my other half, he isnt rich etc" that doesnt really help a single guy does it..
  14. hahaha

    i gotta go to one of these bars you speak of..
  15. DANNY !!!!!!!

    HEY HEY HEY - I for one can honestly say i have never been the type to go for any of those materialistic things... I can HONESTLY say that because i've lived it... We've been through our trying times and at the end of every day, as much as money makes the world go round, my love for him supersedes any of the material things we own...

    Awwwwww - now where's the violin lol
  17. A coworker...

    "Men are like carspaces. All the good ones are taken and the only ones left are handicapped".
  18. I believe it's:

    Men are like public toilets. They're either engaged, disabled or full of shit.

    Anyway, I'm willing to do my bit, I'll happily service up to 4 desperate single girls. Applications in writing, spelling and grammar a bonus, pics a must.
  19. yeah, i sort of see the point, when i was single for whole 6 weeks earlier in the year, i wanted to go out boozing with all my mates, and guess what, even my best mate, who had been single for yonks suddenly got serious with his gf and could never come out! :evil:
  20. There seems to be an impossibly high male to female ratio in my household.

    So, on a straw poll of 1, we have a man flood and a woman drought.

    Luckily girls there's still me. You have some hope still of meeting mr right