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Man drives $2.5m supercar into lake

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/970912/man-drives-2-5m-supercar-into-lake

  2. If the story is true he'll take a lifetime of big deals to live that down.
  3. I wanna see it on Video
  4. Some people just don't deserve the good cars. :(
  5. *Insert comment about the Veyron only being good for going fast in a straight line* :angel:
  6. For a few extra bucks they could have installed some automatic floaties on that car. Cheapskates.
  7. Pics or it didn't happen..

  8. *Ignores comment about engine and the amount of turbochargers having _anything_ to do with evasive control and tyre traction*....

    And I want to see that video! :p
  9. #9 Deadsy, Nov 14, 2009
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  10. seagull and mud my arse. he just drove straight off :/
  11. He bought a Veyron, but a hands free kit was beyond the budget.
    Sympathy… Not from me
  12. hmmm, looks weird, he just drives into the lake, didn't look like there was any sudden swerve or anything... I wonder what the insurance company will say...
  13. one of the TV channels has it on the news tonight too...

    and I wonder how come it was filmed :?
  14. "Pretty sure it's a Lambo dude..." :roll: lol

    I saw no bird or swerve. It's like the guy fell asleep at the wheel.
  15. lmao. "Pretty sure that a Lambo, dude."
  16. Silly boy.

    Should have bought a Lotus Esprit.