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Man Claims Motorcycle Broke In Half

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. [img:240:180:325f711b75]http://images.ibsys.com/2006/0602/9314834_240X180.jpg[/img:325f711b75]

    if you go to the page, http://www.wsbtv.com/news/9314629/detail.html , theres a clickable link to watch a video of the report

  2. "I was only doing 20mph", but the bike seems to have slid about 50m, up a gutter, across two properties, and ended up in someone's driveway after "breaking in two".

    I'd say that he pulled a wheelie, slammed it down hard after losing control, or perhaps it hit the curb after being dropped and the frame snapped from there.

    There have been a few reports of the frames on the GSXR1000's snapping on the web, that much is true, but all seem to have involved the motorcycle travelling at speed and hitting something head on and causing the frame to snap.

    I serously doubt that the frame snapped "under normal use", but the bike doesn't look so damaged as to suggest that it was going extremely fast, so it looks like there is a legitimate frame strength issue when the frame is subjected to heavy shocks (colliding with objects, mounting curbs at speed, slamming down wheelies hard, etc). That would be consistent with what seems to be reported on the web.

    Whether or not you could claim that this is "normal motorcycle use" is another matter.
  3. I guess the gixxers not all its cracked up to be. If I owned one I would be going to an engineer to get that frame checked. Better to be safe than sorry :idea:
  4. ah, the USA, home of vexatious, and most utterly unbelievable, litigation.....
  5. The one in that link broke along the weld line. The one in the opening post just broke in half in the middle of the frame beam with no frame weld in sight, presumably after initially fracturing around the weak point of the horn mount from earlier misadventures.

    As a pilot incitatus, I'm sure you could all tell us a thing or two about aluminium and stress fractures around rivet joins or other points of stress that then progress into something a lot more dramatic long after the initial incident that caused the initial micro-stress fracture.
  6. While not disagreeing with the above statement in many other context's, I think that in this case the initial evidence seems to indicates at least two failures at exactly the same spot, on exactly the same model. What exactly do you find "most utterly unbelievable" Hornet?
  7. If you keep digging I think you will find more cases of this particular failure. If my memory serves me correct, there was even a limited recall on some bikes due to it. Definately a matter to sue over IMO.
  8. I was using unbelievable in this specific context; the circumstances as they are described seem unlikely;
    When people throw the exact same machines up the track on a frequent basis on the racetrack, without anything other than superficial damage, you have to wonder.

    As far as unbelievable litigation in the US, the guy who stepped back into his motor home to make a coffee while it was moving, after setting the cruise control, springs to mind. Or is that an urban myth? It sounds too preposterous to be true, but then again....
  9. Did you read my post on the second case? It occured on a racetrack under heavy braking, and is being investigated by the AMA. Did you compare the photos of the two failures? I think that cycnicism is often healthy, but in this case you are taking it too far in my opinion.
  10. 20mph doesn't put you in hospital for two days and across a road into someone's house. The ffact that he was helping his bro with something is irrelevant. Lying his arse off if you ask me.
  11. Well, while I do agree that I think he's lying to some degree, 20mph is about the peak speed that most humans can reach running as quickly as they can.

    So, given that this happened in the USA, you wouldn't be wearing any helmet or protective gear. Go outside. Find a nice brick wall. Take about 40 paces away from it, turn around and then sprint towards the wall as fast as your legs can carry you and plow yourself straight into it side-on. This would come pretty close to simulating sliding into a raised curb at 20mph.

    Let us know if you don't require hospital attention.

  12. Don't disagree, it clearly wasn't at 20mph, but it did fail, and in exactly the same place, and in exactly the same way as the second case. So let me get this straight, you're saying that if I hit a pothole at (say) 60 or 70 on a Gixxer, or if I pull a few bad mono's, that a catastrophic frame failure is to be expected? You can speculate all you want about why it failed, but it failed, and a second failed in an almost identical fashion.
  13. Bugger me, how hard would you have to smack down a wheelie to bust the frame?

    And why would you make a bike that wheelies like the gixxer unable to handle he stresses involved?
  14. :rofl: :beer: Thats funny.
    if you do decide to go ahead with can you please get in on video :LOL:
    i would love to see that. :p

    Hakin :wink:
  15. I remember being told about an incident in Canada where they had these bigol barrelass Yamaha V-twins,Aspens or something,cant recall the model but we didnt get them here,kinda like Yamaha,s version of Goldwings.They put a mercury sensor in them so when you got to a certain lean angle,the bike thought it had been dropped and cut the motor,a safety kill switch if you will.
    Trouble is some of dem boyz of the older set who,s bodies cant ride sports bike no more,and need a little bit of comfort,so ride these mobile couches,they can really hook those babies into a corner,and were getting so low,that the bikes mercury switch,thought from the lean angle,that it had been dropped,and cut the power mid corner :shock: .You can guess the rest,spills aplenty,sensor was set a few too many degrees on the safe side.

    And whats my point I hear you asking out there in NR land?,Yamaha denied a problem till enough people where dropping these things and class action and litigation became an option.Theres a criteria where they put it into,isolated incident,user abuse,till enough of these events occurr and its obvious theres a manufacturing fault,then recall is only option,from memory its 5-7 cases but dont quote me,big bucks on the bottom line for a build date recall.
  16. Interestingly the Aprilia RSV-R is being recalled for a similar problem - specifically a hole in the swingarm may cause it to crack :shock:. No recall on the GSXR (yet) but this wouldn't be the first time one engineer has designed a part to be as light as possible - only to have another engineer/department decide to go drilling holes in it.