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Man Breasts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. So, whos slowly but surely developing man breasts and making health & fitness part of their new years resolution? :LOL:

  2. If I had the cash Id start yoga or go back to martial arts. Unfortuantly I dont so my new years res is to get yet another job.
  3. I did two years ago.

    At the beginning of 2004 I tipped the scales at 117Kgs :eek:

    I stopped eating so much crap food, got me some regular exercise (mostly riding my bike and walking), and concentrated on eating a good, healthy balanced diet.

    We still have the occasional fish 'n' chips or eat out at a restaraunt - just not as often.

    I reached my goal weight of 80kgs by the end of October 2004, and still weigh the same at the end of 2005.

    Firstly, getting fitter and eating healthy doesn't have to cost money. If you want to do it, there are plenty of free ways to exercise, and good food is mostly cheaper than junk food.

    Also, whatever changes you make need to be sustainable. It has to be a lifestyle change, rather than just a diet.

    If you treat it as a diet, you may reach your goal weight, but as soon as you go back to your old ways, you'll blow right out again.

    OK, so that's enough preaching from me.


    Good luck ;)
  4. Wow, that's great. I'm 89kg and my target is 75kg. I've tried dieting, but my weight doesn't come down, not even temporarilly. My job can be physical, obviously not enough.
    Time to get the pushbike out again I guess.
  5. Here Here :applause:

    I'm getting back into it after 12months off...I don't exactly half a weight problem, but I'm not in the best of shape...

    I've run the gauntlet of personal trainers, strict diets and weight regimes, and would say the most important thing is to find someting you enjoy doing so you can sustain it.

    A very good starting point for a healthier life is the book Body For Life
  6. One of the best tips I've learned is to do 20 mins of cardio first thing in the morning, 3-4 days per week on an empty stomach, then wait for 1/2 to 1 hour before eating...this kick starts your metabolism for the day ;)

    I've bought a stationery exercise bike to do this on
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  8. What martial art did you do??, i've been thinking about starting up just for exercise/something to do and i don't really want to start one and find out a few weeks later i hate it.
    Do they offer trial periods?? and is there a lot of people that attend the classes??
  9. wat sad is wen i go to the gym,i keep telling myself i need to get biger tits
  10. Im so tired. I read that as a reference to marital aids.
    I used to do aikido which is purely defensive.
    Most dojos offer trial periords (come to 2 or 3 lessons and try it out) or pay as you go lessons. Most dont mind you turning up just to watch. Ive heard good things about
    they do ju jizu and aikido and capoeira. Class sizes vary. Naturally stuff like karate will be more popular *rolls eyes*
  11. Tae-Kwon-Do is good for fitness....lots of press ups, kicking and bag work
  12. I do Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing), and I'm about to start doing Brazilian Jujitsu.

    The MT is a good workout, very cardio orientated. I do it twice a week, for 2 hours, and literally have trouble moving when I start to cool down afterwards, but I'm fine the next day. They did 2 trial lessons, but also have a "pay by the month" option just in case you can't make up your mind in 2 lessons.. :wink:

    BJJ I'm starting because the MT is mostly stand up, where BJJ is mainly grappling on the floor. I figure it can't hurt to get a bit of variety.

    As for weight, I'm loosing sizes, but gaining weight.. :? My leathers keep falling down, but I'm back up to 94kg.. :cool:

    Edit: Stop drinking Macca..
  13. hahaha Greenguzzi I would love to see you on a pushbike.
  14. this sounds kinda fun actually... more of a self defence class than martial art?
  15. Thanks for that link that actually does look like fun, would be a good way to try out different styles of self defence,
    i can't seem to access the fees on that page, anyone know what the average price is per lesson is or do they vary lots from place to place??.

    I might go around there and a few others when i get back from holidays and see if i can do a trial and just see which one i like best.
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  17. yep best option is to go try a few out -instructors are as different as teh arts they teach....

    prices for GZ - the link doesnt work but use the search function for "fees"
    " At Ground Zero you get two gyms for the price of one! Regardless of which gym you join you are able to train at the others, it's all about convenience at Ground Zero. More locations, more class times, quality instruction, and you can attend as many classes as you want!

    Please note there are separate fees for BJJ and MMA.

    BJJ Fee Options:

    $90/month/direct debit/12 months ( Includes FREE private lesson and FREE kimono)

    $100/month/direct debit/6 months ( includes FREE private lesson)

    $120/month by month.

    $15.00 per class

    $330.00/3 months training/ $270 for tertiary students

    $550.00/6 months training (includes FREE private lesson)

    $960.00/12 months training (includes FREE private lesson and FREE kimono)

    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fee Options:

    Casual visit $15

    Per month $60

    Annual club membersip $50"
  18. MMA basically takes all of the effective techniques out of all of the martial arts and employs them. The training is predominantly muay thai crossed with brazilian jiu jitsu, and there is no more effective art out there.

  19. Good way to lose weight:

    Buy a good pair of runners and run.

    Buy a punching bag and gloves and train.

    If you do any of the above for at least 20min flat out each day, excluding weekends, you'll lose heaps of weight and get ripped.
  20. Loz please dont see a doctor, your mind is fine.

    so what about the real thing, anyone got man back boobs??? :shock: