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Mallala South Australia.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by adamsonline, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Is anyone interested in going to Mallala for track days etc?

    If there is some interest - ill share the details etc when they come to hand.

  2. Yeah I'm interested, once I get my bike in a few weeks. :)
  3. What did you have in mind Adam?

    What bike do you ride? Have you ridden at Mallala before?
  4. Yep - I'd be interested depending on details and cost.
  5. i'm pretty sure me & Mr Edgelett would be keen too
  6. come down to mallala next sat on the 31st march. should be good but you do require the leathers.
  7. What is the cost, rider requirements (1 piece or 2 piece zip together leathers I'd imagine) and bike requirements......taped up mirrors, blacked out headlights, lower chain guard, etc, etc?????
  8. whats wrong with draggin jeans,must we all try to look like our motogp heroes.how much 4 track day on 31st?
  9. What's wrong with Draggin Jeans?
    At racetrack speeds - draggin jeans are going to be useless.
    Nothing to do with image.
    You need leather. Safety standards exist for a reason.
  10. track day is 125 i think from memory. need full leathers and boots. its the best fun you can ever do on your bike without havin to worry about traffic or what may lay ahead. no coppers or speeding tickets!!! gotta love that
  11. Do they scrutineer bikes? and do they require certain equipment, like lower chain guard or anything like that?
  12. You just have to tape up your lights (its a good idea to disconnect them to unless you want to spend the next 6 months trying to clean the melted tape glue off them), and remove or fold back your mirrors. Oh and they prefer if you tape up your speedo.
    .Thing is though the more stuff you remove the less expensive stuff there is to break in the even of a crash.
    Yes you do have to pass scruitineering. They check for...
    Fluid leaks of any kind.
    Tyre condition
    Brake pad condition (and that your brakes actually work)
    Stearing head is tight and in good order.
    Bar ends attached, and the little balls on the end of your brake & clutch levers so that there's no sharp bits that could potentially run somebody through.
    And anything else that might obviously be a problem.

    Lower chain guards (sharkfins)/swapping coolant out for water/catch bottles/bellypans/bellypan drain plugs/and safety wiring up things like your sump plug oil filter & coolant drain plug - while are all good ideas, are only a requirement if your racing.

    Full leathers required - 1 peice, or 2 piece that zips together, boots, gloves and helmet with an australian standards sticker (I think you can get away with most of the standards stickers from other countries now also.) Back protectors are not required but are highly recommended.

    Make sure you bring fuel, water to keep your self hydrated - you'll probably be surprised how physical track riding can be if you've never done it before.

    Cost is normally $100 + $20 for a 1 day MA Recreation Licence. Pit shed's cost $25 for the day and include power.
  13. Thanks mate for that info, all of which makes sense (except one thing) and you might not have the answer.

    Removing / taping up mirrors is sensible, since you want to be concentrating on looking where you're going. If you can't see behind you, then why tape up lights? No one can see them, cause they have no mirrors??!!

    That one's always had me stumped.
  14. So...........is anyone interested in going and if so, is that person taking a support vehicle (to carry fuel, etc) or perhaps trailering their bike there? If so, I'd be happy to split costs.

    (always good to have a trailer handy in case you chuck it away by accident)
  15. sorry mate but should have said something earlier. i could have gotten you a ride coz my mate is going by himself. well ill be up there with my brother so who else is in? should be perfect weather for track day
  16. I'll be there, but I don't want to risk my road bike because there is no insurance. (Got my track fix at Mac Park recently where I was insured)

    But I'll be on the look out for track bikes for sale.

    So if ya know anyone......Around $5000, 4 cyl, 600 cc Japanese

    Oh and I'll need a van as well :grin:

    If you tell me what you're riding, I'll catch up and put a stop watch on yer

  17. my name is malcolm and ill be riding a 2005 green zx6r with rr fairings. if you see me, just come up and intro urself as i am a friendly and open person.
  18. My new bike arrived in Melbourne last Friday from Japan. Being built right now, and should be ready in a week. :grin:

    You folks heading out to Mallala this Saturday?