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Mallala (SA) ride day Wed 25th (tomorrow)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. I'm looking forward to the Champions Ride Day at Mallala (SA) tomorrow; haven't ridden there for a couple of years, hope the weather will be ok.

  2. Been shithouse last few days, really on and off : /. Hope it's good tomorrow though ;)
  3. Was a great day, wet track for the first couple of sessions but sunny & dry from late morning onwards.

    I had 8 students, they really advanced during the day; they started off very slow & timid but by the after lunch session they were all the fastest in the group.
  4. was a good day yesterday once the weather improved and the track dried.

    was a fair amount of passing on the inside going on in the slow groups which was a nuisance to those of us who played by the rules. not sure if anyone got spoken to about it or not.
  5. Were you on the CBR riding around with Andy?

    If so, I think Andy slowed everyone before they got to you, I think everyone figured that at a slower speed and plenty of distance that it was safe, I don't think I slipped under you while I was coaching, very sorry if I happened to, hope you weren't too spooked by it all?
  6. nah that wasn't me mate :) I spent the day in green group on account of being a slow bugger and it only being the bike's first outing since I bought it as a stat write off, pulled it apart then put it together again :)

    got annoyed a few times because I'd backed right off so as not to pass a slower rider on the inside, only to be passed on the inside myself by someone else. saw it happen to a few others too. a little frustrating when people can't obey the rules.

    reckon I need a teaspoon of cement and to get faster and move up to the next group ;)

    any idea what lap times the blue group were running on the day?

    edit - as an unofficial and rough guess, of course ;)