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Mallala Ride Day - 16th November

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Well i'm off to my first track day this sunday at Mallala.
    it's being organised by Bills Motorcycles in Adelaide, and i'll be nominating myself for the 'learner' group (being as i've only had an open licence for 18 months).

    only bad thing is my other half will be away for work so i won;t have him there to cheer me on (or laugh at my slowness lol)

    should be a good day though - watch this space for my review & some pics hopefully.

    any tips for Mallala would be great

  2. Edgie, you'll have fun.

    Some tips...

    Fresh, low mileage tyres are best.

    Make sure that your brakes are in first class order. It is a hard braking circuit.

    Do not crash on the high speed kink on the long straight, as you might hit a wall.

    Let us know how you go.
  3. unfortunately new tires are a no go...too broke for that i'm afraid.
    these ones only have a few thousand k's on them though and I don't ride hard so should be ok.

    brakes are in good order.

    and yes I'll let you know how it turns out!

    my brother races his kart there, i think he is going to bring dad & come for a look.
  4. ok Edgie.
  5. will write a full review at lunch
    but for now, consider my pegs well & truly scraped!
  6. Yesterday morning I woke at 6am full of excitement about my first track day.
    I got up, showered, cleaned the bike, made sure I had all the important things on me like a tool kit & some water, & headed off.

    The trip to Mallala was pretty boring, being as Port Wakefield Rd is rather straight...until I got to the part of a ship that was being transported up the road. Rather than waiting in with all the cars for 40 mins, I took a detour between them all, then turned on to a dirt service rd & went around the ship bits. So much for a clean bike...

    I filled up at the caltex, grabbed something to eat, plus some powerade & water. i knew i would need it.

    I arrived at the track & instantly noticed two things - 1) i had the only naked bike. 2) i was the only chick. I was starting to feel rather out of my element. There were a LOT of full race bikes. And a LOT of testosterone! But the Bills guys recognised me, gave me a hearty greeting & said i could park my bike with theirs which made me feel a bit better. I had my lights & mirrors all taped up, passed scruitineering, signed in, and sat down for a little while to take it all in.

    I felt a lot better when I noticed two other women there - a girl in full race leathers with a CBR1000RR, and a woman who was there with her husband. i also noticed a young guy on his L plates & felt better that there at least were a few people more at my level!

    We had a briefing which explained the rules on overtaking, helmets on at all times when moving bikes, and that turn 5 can be rather hard on brakes. THere was also a rule about turn 1 - if you over shoot it, go through the pits & come back on. no probs.

    The learner group went out first (my group) so we gathered at the entrance to the track. A few of the guys from Bills came up to me & said 'you're really taking the Hornet on the track?? Aren't you worried you'll drop it?'
    I said 'well I don't have another bike to ride! Besides, I could drop it any day riding to work. I came here to ride MY bike.'
    They thought I was nuts lol, not cause it couldn't handle it but cause i'd spent so much time on it. oh well.

    We headed out under the instruction of 'we;re going to take it easy for the first lap cause there was drifting here last week'. ok cool. after the first corner, i was thinking 'THIS is easy???? 160km's is EASY???'
    the Bills staff used the oppertunity to run in some bikes from the shop, so if anyone is buying an ex demo Hornet 600 from Blair Athol, i can tell you it flys around Mallala!

    It took me a few laps to get in to a rhythm, to get used to the corners & what gear I needed where. i was also getting passed a LOT. oh well, i was there to ride to my speed not anyone elses. there were 3 people I was passing so i wasn't the slowest lol. The first session was really a learning session. I had a good time.

    the chick on the CBR was in the learner group. She passed EVERYONE. When we pulled in, they took her aside & moved her up to the intermediate group. man she could ride!

    i rested, took in some water & watched the other groups out there. seeing the lines the more advanced riders took in the corners helped i think.

    Went out for my second session & did two things - I hit the rev limiter on the back straight, and I scraped my left footpeg in turn 2. woot! i was starting to relax more & enjoy myself. unfortunately I was so excited about scraping my peg, I went wide on turn 3 which is a right hander & nearly ran off the track! Note to self - pay attention you moron.

    I pulled in, drank more fluids, and went to lunch.

    My dad arrived just as I was heading out for session no 3 - he came down to watch which was really nice of him. Personally I was just impressed he rememberd i was going to be at the track!

    he said to me 'now your brother holds the SuperKart lap record here at 1min 20. I want to see you pulling 1:25 at least' (yes he wsa joking lol)

    so out I went, i had started to get a little quicker as the day went on, so i wasn't getting passed as frequently. I was still slow lol but not as bad. i take consolation in the fact the bikes passing me were all race bikes, my Hornet only has a top speed of 220kms or so.

    I came in, and dad said 'you made it back alive!' and laughed. he looked at my rear tyre and said 'nice work, you're right to the edge there on the left side!! still got a little bit to go on the right. your front tyre is shit though'.

    he gave me some tips, he said 'you're braking early but you're not racing anyone so it doesn't matter. and try to turn in a little later, you're entering the corner too early'

    I noticed most other people wearing ear plugs, but i didn't. i LOVE the sound of my bike! Esp when I was screaming between 10-13k rpm!

    out i went again, taking dad's advice and found my footpeg scraping on turn 2 again. I still kept tensing up on right handers though, esp turn 3 and 5. and turn 5 is a MOLE! i really didn't like that one.

    i came in, and dad said 'you're too tense - relax some more, your bike will hold you up.

    so I went out for the last session of the day, tried to relax as mich as I could, and scraped that left peg every single time on turn 2. yeah baby!

    I came in & my rear tyre was very blistered & melty looking! Dad said 'you were really smooth through turn 1 & 2, nice work!' and I felt proud. THen he said 'now just go 40kms faster.'
    yeah, no worries lol.

    highlights for me included Rob (service chap from Bills & good mate) fanging around on his little pocket bike, seeing the new Hornet 600 keeping up with the CBR600RR's in the intermediate class (a much better rider than me on it!), getting to watch some unreal riders, and spending the day with my dad who i KNOW was busting to get out on the track himself.

    Downside: well there was no instruction at all. it was a 'ride' day not a 'coaching' day. So you just had to go out & see what happens. It would have been good for ME if at least the learner group had some coaching. oh well, i still had a blast.
    Plus Tony wasn't there. he had to go away for work, so he missed it. he feels bad about it, but i said don't stress we'll get to one together soon.

    The biggest downside didn't hit me till I got home though. i didn't wear sunscreen all day, cause i have been told that if you wear sunscreen and a helmet, the sunscreen will melt & evaporate & run in your eyes. So I was red as a tomato. I rode home, feeling good cause i'd tried to stay hydrated all day, drinking 1.25 litres of water plus a powerade. THen at 6:30pm I became so starving I felt sick. we got tea...and i couldn't eat cause I felt so sick. So i sucked down a powerade and had a lie down. I wsa just really dehydrated. I should have a) drunk more and b) eaten more and c) kept out the sun. Lessons learned I spose, i'm alive, and I think it's time to get a tinted visor to help fight against the sun.

    For anyone who's thinking of doing one, do it! you can practice your corners in a much safer environment than the road, cause there is no risk of cars, stobie poles, armaco, kangaroos, etc. And there is an ambulance conveniently located at turn 1! doesn't matter your skill, like i said there was a guy on his L's in our group. it wasn't a race day it was a ride day. And I had the best time ever!
  7. Yay Edgie. Well done.

    Now go to your room, and do your Guitar Practice.
  8. :worthlesspics:

    Have been reading too much of "first track day" threads lately.. Time to take the plunge myself, i guess :grin:
  9. well I've uploaded the pics
    as you can see, i still have a LONG way to go in terms of getting my body position right, and can still crank it over a LOT further, but for me this was a pretty awesome improvement in that cornering became a lot smoother for me.

    it's interesting though compating the pics from the start of the day to the end of the day - my lean angle got a lot better!

    i uploaded a shot of one of the guys from Bills thrashing a demo Hornet 600 too, and a guy on a motard who was kicking the arse off a lot of the sportsbikes!

    this is my fav pick from the day:

    here's the link to the full album
  10. nice story and pics edgie,
    PMCC has a race school and fun day at Broadford on Saturday 29th Nov...... will you be back home by then or can you make it..... we owe you one!!!
  11. unfortunately no i won't be able to make it Su
    can't get any more time off to get to melbourne
    and i'm babysitting my niece & nephew that weekend too....
    hopefully one day soon mate
  12. the next one is on Sunday February 1st at Broadford, just to fit in with J.O. 's work commitments. (the date was changed from the Saturday, last week)
  13. that's the weekend of the big day out in Adelaide....which I already have a ticket for...bugger.

    i'll get there one day mate, just keep me in the loop with dates
  14. Great story and nice bike also.

    If you are worried about sunscreen running into your eyes (it will), just wear a cap and keep the sunscreen to below the eyes and you won't have a problem. You also won't end up bright red at the end of the day.
  15. Edgie probably knows about make-up, mate.