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malicious damage to the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by norm79, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Parked my bike at Sussex street under the bridge early this morning. When I finished work and went to pick up the bike at around 6pm, I was shocked to see that the seat was cut in two places. WTF I wondered if the bike was bardering anyone. Looked a bit closer, the bike had been tempered off and moved. All other bikes around me seemed to be ok. So I guess the following three scenario:

    1. Someone wanted to steal the bike, but found it two hard as I used the bike chain to lock the back wheel. Then the person got upset and put the screw driver across the seat.
    2. Someone wanted to sell a VTR250 seat and made sure can find a buyer.
    3. Someone got nothing better to do in his life and just made malicious damage to other people properties.

    So watch out for those riding to Sydney CBD. I will be searching for a pay-parking station so no need to have this kind of nonsense anymore.

  2. Number 3 Norm.
    The world is slowly being over run by a*s*h*l*s.
    I hope that the so and so the cut up your seat gets their come-uppance. :evil:
  3. or cud be that someone wanted to take revenge specifically over you....since all the other bikes were untouched...

    having torn seats and scratches....argh !!! they hurt !! the offender shalt burn on thee flames of lucifer !!
  4. Could be, but I yet to find an enemy in my life. I do not normally park there -- posiblly twice a month. If that person hated me that much, he could have done more serious damage to the bike.
  5. Grrrrr, hate vandals - as bad as thieves. I check my bike every day when I'm on my way home and sometimes the mirrors are twisted or the fuel cap keyhole flap is lifted etc. I remember one NR member reported a bunch of Jap tourist stting on his ride taking photos FFS. They'll take home a souvenir bruised date if they keep that caper up!
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    Some of my (ex)friends used to sit on random bikes at chadstone when they got drunk, just give me the word and consider their brake lines cut :grin:

    But seriously, I'm paranoid to leave my bike at school (on school grounds, i talked with the admin their ok with it) because there are some people that have an odd idea of what funny is. Also the wires are fairly exposed so anybody scissors can cut it.

    To make things worse, one day i finished school and headed for the cage only to find some c47t messed around with my wipers and put heaps of palm branches on the bonnet. It didn't scratch or anything, but its the principle of the matter. I know who did it and he's just trying to be a smart ass. Ignoring him wont work as he'll just keep doing it to get an response. Beating the living daylights out of him works temporarily but its not a long term solution.

    I guess the only way to keep vandals at bay is

  7. i think my sentiments on this issue are best explained by a quote from a movie. 10 points to the first person to name the movie and character's name, 5 bonus points for the actor's name. (no googling, or karma will cut up your bike seat).

    "I just wish I caught 'em doin' it, ya know? Oh man, I'd give anything to catch 'em doin' it. It'a been worth him doin' it, if I coulda just caught 'em, you know what I mean?"
  8. yeah check eBay for VTR seats in your area..
  9. You just don't fcuk with another man's wheels, you just don't do it.
  10. Pulp Fiction!
    John Travolta.

    It's the only Tarantino film I like, which is something, considering I don't like Travolta either :grin:

    It would be great if you could attach a camera to your bike, but it wouldn't be very useful or practical.

    Oh well, he'll get what he deserves soon enough.
  11. tall jan is malicious?
  12. hot mums are delicious?

    i've had some little bugger decide to scratch their tag into my front drivers window on my car, not a nice feeling...

    any recommendations for bike security to attempt to stop this from happening?
  13. An angry Doberman but for God's sake don't sit him on your tank!
  14. One of the Scorpio alarm systems with Perimeter sensing perhaps. They have perimeter sensing and will give a warning if someone approaches the bike then a full blown alarm if they continue or stay within its sense field.


    Kenma are their Australian agents

  15. would put it down to di**heads, I found two young suches going through my prado at 1am last Saturday parked right in front of my house... they got a shock when i wandered out and asked them if they where lost :p
  16. They lived?
  17. Unfortunately I've recently come back to find my mirror virtually snapped off and huge scratch around around my headlight.

    Whilst looking over the damage another rider told me there is rider that takes it upon himself to move other peoples bikes so he can fit his in.

    The thought of idiots messing with bikes doesn't surprise me, the thought of another rider rough handling machines I find astounding.

    +1 on the pulp fiction reference.