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Malfunctioning West Gate Bridge speed cameras turned off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hankscorpio, May 22, 2008.

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  1. From heraldsun today:

    Matthew Schulz
    May 22, 2008 09:19am

    SPEED cameras on the West Gate Bridge have been secretly switched off for two years because they are unreliable.

    Police have this morning confirmed that two banks of speed cameras launched in 2005 at one of Melbourne’s worst traffic blackspots were turned off just over 12 months later.

    Assistant Commissioner Key Lay confirmed the secret move, telling 3AW Radio police were forced to act because the cameras were inaccurate.

    He said the cameras were turned off permanently in September 2006.

    “We were seeing a lack of clarity and at times we weren’t able to identify the offending drivers,†Assistant Commissioner Lay said.

    He confirmed there were “quite a number†of motorists booked for speeding, but police also rejected “many, many moreâ€.

    “Because of the number of rejections ... we simply turned it off,†he said.

    But he said police and the State Government had kept the malfunction secret because authorities believed they worked as an effective deterrent.

    “The thing with speed cameras is that we know that they slow people down and we know if people think they’re there they will slow down.

    “The decision was made to keep people alive.

    “If people think the cameras are there they will generally obey the speed limit and avoid collisions.â€

    The West Gate Bridge cameras were the only ones in the state that were permanently off, he said.

    A redevelopment of the West Gate bridge could allow working speed cameras to be installed about 12 months from now, he said.

    Leading Australian QC David Galbally told 3AW Radio that if there was any doubt about the accuracy of the cameras anyone fined in 2005-2006 should have their fines refunded.

    “If there was some doubt they ought to have those (demerit) ponts removed,†he said.
  2. Yeah i read this too - what a joke.
    Hopefully they turn the geelong hwy ones off soon too!
    *fingers crossed*
  3. I think any1 that speeds on the westgate should be shot! LoL

    Its scary enought driving on it and feeling it shake and wobble theres no need to do crazy speeds on that thing!
  4. I got booked the other day for going 55km in a 50km zone... (with a 3km grace that means i got booked for +2km!) all i'm saying is that i paying attention to whats going on around me - if that means speeding up to get out of harms way - i'm gonna do it.
  5. Now I am not going to get in debates about your opening statement here, but scary?
    It is 4 lanes wide (And pretty generous lanes at that) it doesn’t flex that much, and if the wind isn’t up the only thing you have to watch out for is on the entry and exit the point where the road drops off after the last pylon. The road condition in and of its self is fairly good.
  6. Spoken like a true Easty.

    The bridge used to be 100km/h until a truck disc brake exploded (the shrapnel killed a driver :( ) and the gumpynent kneejerked and put the speed to 80km/h.

    There are East Melbourners who have never been on the westgate bridge :roll: Go figure.
  7. Fixed speed cameras. Everyone remembers where they are, slow down as they approach them, speed up again after they pass. Pointless having them.
  8. are you for real??? :shock:
  9. LoL I admitt that was a bit of a bold remark! :)

    I agree with you 110%!

    I guess my fear of heights and water do get the better of me at times.

    Na I have been on the westgate.

    Your right about that BUT its not pointless!

    They put them up where its dangerous to speed. To MAKE you slow down NOT to book you!

    (not saying that Im a big fan of the speed cameras)
  11. ok... seeing as everything I have said in this thread has been backfiring I think its time I shut up LoL!!! :)

    Na each to their own I guess....

    In my opinion it wasnt the speed cameras position that killed those kids it was the driver!

    1= doing crazy speeds...
    2= SLAMS on breaks while doing crazy speeds!

    c'mon! even a 6 year old that has played XboX knows if you slam on breaks at high speed you loose control!

    Im not saying this in a bad way, just what I think.

    klairi People can loose control even on a straight peice of highway!

    If wildlife jumps infronta ya while doing 100 it CAN be fatal...
    If wildlife jumps infronta ya while doing 100+ it WILL be fatal...

    thats just what I think... Although I to admitt I am a bit of a hiprocrite :wink:
  12. Boro

    Dude - anything can be fatal... walking on the street, sitting in the front lounge when a car comes plunging through, I even lost control of a supermarket trolly once...
    Perhaps they should instert a massive speed camera on a satelite and just fine anyone who goes above the limit.

    Maybe it can be like that Tom Cruise movie Minority Report - then we'll be safe from everything - or nothing ?... :idea:
  13. Oh good grief. He lives in my area as well. Damn.
  14. Which also proves that doing 0kph on a highway WILL be fatal.
    So in the interests of safety perhaps we should also book anyone doing 5kph under the posted speed limit as well.
  15. I had a thought that the cameras weren't working, I have often glanced down at the speedo over the bridge & caught myself doing 90ish. :?

    The reason is because of idiots on the road, I spend most of my time trying not to get killed rather than do the speed limit, especially on the bridge. Weekdays, I go over the bridge at least 2 times a day, all it takes is one broken down car to slow the whole thing to a crawl for miles before & after. WTF?:shock:

    (As for being done for +2klms, thats just b.s., fluctuations in wind, road surface etc can cause such discrepancies.)

    As an aside, If someone "freaks out & slam the brakes on", causing a crash near a speed camera, it indicates that they were never in control of the vehicle to begin with, & should be held accountable accordingly.
  16. klairi

    Well aren’t you feisty… I like that! :wink:

    I can see where you coming from but.


    JD you love pointing out my flaws dont you? LoL :p
  17. Thank you!!! EXACTLEY my point!!! :wink:
  18. I thought your point was that anyone speeding over the west gate bridge should be shot.
  19. LoL... what a smart ass!

    Na its good I got a smile on my face :grin:
  20. Folks (through gritted teeth I say), due to the cotton wool over the eyes rule, please refrain from speculating on the cause/s of a fatality...

    Uncommented news media and coroners reports not withstanding.

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