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Male vs Female (drivers)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Since the news item is about driving, I'll post in Off topic and see if anyone cares to move it.

    From here

    These 2 lines:

    I found this as :nail:

    I definitely feel that I'm part of whatever I am controlling at the time (car, bike) where I know my girlfriend definitely feels that the car is a seperate entity and she has to "control it" where I do use 1 (well forced to now hehe, but I did use to drive one handed a fair bit due to the said feeling of "being at one" with the vehicle. Anyone care to comment, yay, nay or ____?

  2. Women need 2 hands cause they can't fcuking drive :?
  3. What about when I drive with my knees while I open/do/fix something for my son in the back seat, I must be so cool! :LOL:
  4. +1
  5. Maybe I really am a boy???????
  6. For fcuks sake!

    I'm now a one-hander, and I learned to drive 8 years after everyone else. And learned to drive manual 2 years after that. So THAT explains the poor manual driving, not my gender.

    (edited after the first morning coffee. fark farken fark fark)
  7. I wonder if they also took into account that generally women aren't as physically strong as men and may actually need both hands to turn the wheel, especially if the car doesn't have power steering or is say a large 4wd. I've seen quite a few small/old men driving with both hands on the wheel before out of necessity.
    Only reason I drive with one hand on the wheel is because I need the other one free for changing gears and giving the finger to other drivers :).
  8. Huh? I drive my MR2 with two hands more often than not, unless it's a long long freeway run.

    Guess I must be a girl. :)

    It ain't that I don't feel "at one" - it's that I'd rather have proper control of the vehicle if I need to take evasive action.

    The study's otherwise interesting in terms of the psychology of naming cars/not naming cars, though.
  9. +1 best post in this thread.
    Although most of the others are tongue in cheek I suspect. :LOL:
  10. So I presume you with your one hand could drive much better than any female with two right?

    :roll: :roll:
  11. *gulps down more coffee* fark farken fark farkity faaaaaark! :twisted: :)

    Oh, one other point. Height's a factor too. Grabbing the wheel allows shorter women to sit closer forward and in effect they can actually see over the top of the damn steering wheel.

    I'd like to argue that a lot of women THINK they're incapable of driving. A lot of women aren't socialised to deal with engineering and machinery, therefore the lack of confidence translates into their disjointed 'relationship' with motor-vehicles because they believe they don't have control over those metal beasts. Or aren't SUPPOSED to have control over them because they're led to believe that 'that's just not what women do'.

    Therefore the perpetuation of stereotypes etc etc etc

    Have we pooh-poohed the article sufficiently yet? k thx bai? :p
  12. Hooray, common sense. And any performance driving instructor in the world will tell you that with a 'laid-back' one-handed driving style you have got about a gazillionth of a chance of driving defensively (or safely at high speed) as you do with correct driving posture (i.e knees out, two hands on wheel).
  13. From what I've seen of a lot of cage drivers they drive with one hand because the other one appears to be constantly in use... :LOL: :roll:
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  15. And seeing young blokes (mostly) driving with the seat raked way back is a pet hate of mine. In an emergency their first reaction would be to use the wheel to sit up straight where they bloody well should be in the first place!
  16. :shock: I don't know what you're driving but at high speed most cars don't need a great deal of steering input to make some pretty major course deviations (except for those with variable power steering). "Grabbing" a huge amount of lock at high speed in a panic is a great way to get yourself killed. At low speed two-hands is definitely an advantage, no argument there, but you certainly don't need much to change lanes at 100kph (unless you want to run off the road).
    I'm still trying to break myself out of the Italian driving style - the hands on knees holding the wheel at 5 and 7 and shuffling it between them. Sounds weird but it feels totally natural in an Italian car - and was used by many highly successful racing drivers in the past (back when race cars had "normal" sized steering wheels).
  17. My tongue wasnt in my cheek.

    Chicks are crap drivers. They're also pretty crap at throwing a ball, kicking a ball, and peeing standing up... but them's the facts.

  18. *spits coffee over keyboard*

  19. good points chengaleng. i'm pretty relaxed in a car 'cos i learnt early, but bikes came later and it's taken a while to get used to them. people who are 'at one' with their machine have simply been around machines longer. things that come naturally for me are horses, people and dancing cos that's what i was brought up with. i don't assume men are inately retarded on a dance-floor. just unfamiliar and unmotivated. familiarity is THE ONLY issue here, not gender.

    wow - speaking of retards, here's one less person in the forums i ever need to take notice of or respond to again. excellent. :jerk:

    ps Yes i drive one-handed, and what i do with the other depends on whether ken's in the passenger seat :wink:
  20. Guys are crap at multi-tasking and a whole bunch of other things. Quick guys, get your panties in a knot and don't ever speak to me again. LoL.