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male car drivers harrassing girl riders?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rabbit, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Is it just me, or is it just a biker thing?

    This morning I was riding to work (a rare occurrence) and after doing a u-turn at some traffic lights, I needed to get in the left lane to take an exit.

    The car in the left lane was doing about 90, so I figured I'd pass him, then move over.

    The guy (in a commodore - alarm bells should have started ringing!) sped right up and wouldn't let me in, nor the guy behind. Ended up having to do 115kms to get past the #($&(&$*%

    He took the same exit, but I lost him through some sharp corners. (Monash drive in Dandenong)

    Same kinda thing has been happening a lot. I just wonder if its because I can be identified as a girl (white jacket, ponytail). I need to buy a winter jacket and I'm wondering if I should get a non girly color. (was going to get white/silver for visibility)
  2. I doubt it's just a girl thing Rabbit, there's a lot of tools out there who take offence when someone tries to pass them.

    Mind you on that awesome bike of yours you should have no dramas anyway :wink:
  3. just ride a bit quickier imo, i reckon i see me fair share every morning, and i just twist the throttle to get away from them :)

    Isn't a white jacket hard to keep clean :?
  4. It does collect bugs, but its not that hard to clean.

    Going fast enough definitely isn't a problem :grin: Just trying to behave as there is regular speed camera cars on that particular hwy......
  5. I think motorcycles need to come with a 'tack dispenser' installed as standard - just to deal with tools like that who needlessly endanger our lives. I'm sick of morons on our road who arrogantly threaten our lives on a regular basis for some sick semblance of ego or 'right'. Using a car as a weapon to intimidate, harm or kill is NOT acceptable behaviour.
  6. Methinks said cager was having size compensation issues :eek: As long as you live to ride another day, it's a good day.
  7. Hi, I've never been abused due to being a girl. I highly suspect you're abused due to your bike....it's like a challenge you see :p . You're probably seen as a threat to his Commodore, so I'd see that as a compliment? :grin:
  8. Very similar thing happened to me on the way to work this morning, so it is not a girl thing rabbit!

    I was in the left lane going through Chatswood in rush hour traffic (so very slow!) but there were parked cars ahead, I head checked and signaled and this idiot way behind in the right lane put his foot down to get past me, there was stationary traffic ahead so not sure what he was going to gain!

    And the worst thing about this incident ... he had a "Motorcycle aware driver" sticker in the rear window!! :evil:
  9. The 'if in doubt, throttle out' cornering idea seems to apply alot in this circumstance.. at least when you're on a non learner bike. I love being able to belt away from someone if they annoy me/tailgating, etc. Favourite thing to do is to cruise along at normal/slightly slow pace, then shift down a few and take off, leaving the people behind me very confused..
  10. wouldn't happen on a litre bike :LOL:
  11. :p happy with the 600

    Maybe I need a louder more intimidating exhaust.... :LOL:
  12. Hey Rabbit, I think you pulled up next to me at Stud and Wellington one arvo.
  13. Yeah it would... Most comonwhore driving boguns wouldn't recognise the diference between a liter bike and a 600, so either way youd have to fight em for it. (Does a stock comonwhore do 200 odd where the Liter bike starts to make a diference?)
    there is an easy solution...
  14. lol commonwhore and dandy.... say no more.
  15. PP may be exaggerating a bit, but the fact is - it would be easier to pull away on a litre sportbike. 100 kph is where they are in the "zone". If someone doesn't let you in, you just kick it into the 1st and off you go. Most commodores don't stand a chance :)
  16. :shock:

    Easier yeah, but if you can't make a 600 smoke a Bogandore in F**k all seconds flat at 100k's then you need to learn how to ride.
  17. Going fast, rapidly, isn't a problem :LOL:
  18. That's what I said, isn't it? :p
  19. :p True, you gave me the impression that a 600 wouldn't be up to the task though
  20. you know where the throttle is??? :rofl:

    Sorry Mate could not help myself. :cool: