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Malawi moves to ban farting

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Meldrew, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Malawi moves to ban farting
    (from ABC Web site)

    Malawi's government has confirmed reports that it intends to outlaw breaking wind in public.

    The African nation's justice ministry says the proposed legislation is part of a wider campaign to "mould responsible and disciplined citizens".

    Local media is questioning how the proposed law will be enforced when it is so easy to blame the offence on others.

    - BBC

  2. I wonder if a "Who ever smelt it dealt it?" precedent can be set in court. Ofcourse the defendant could then use the "Who ever said the rhyme did the crime" defence.
  3. about bloody time!
  4. nothing new, my mrs has been trying to ban them for years!

    Farts are funny!
  5. Given that the staples of the Malawian diet (like most of Africa) are high starch carbohydrates like maize and suchlike, they'll have their jails full pretty quickly. :)
  6. No they're not funny. I might well be broken but I have never understood why they're funny not even as a child. :?
  7. A poll perhaps...are farts funny
  8. I guess any Mexican restaurants there are now in trouble. :)

    To say nothing of beer drinkers.

    And I suppose those of us here who are members of OFARC better not admit it if we ever visit. :)
  9. I'm lactose-intolerant and that's not very funny, but it means sometimes I could fart for Australia and that's HILARIOUS!
  10. i double dare you to start one :p
  11. triple dare ya
  12. off topic poll ?

    I quadruple dare you!
  13. ...stick a cork in it!!.....
  14. Nice one holly!