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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Nov 1, 2005.


  2. Savour the moment, your children are unlikely to see anything like what we just saw.

    And what will that horse now be worth at stud???
  3. Said that same thing yesterday, she'll make the owners 20 times at Stud what she's made them on the track.
  4. hehehe...
    i didnt watch the race, but from what ive been hearing on the J's, inbetween the piss-takes, it was a top race.
    Was it heartless??
    Was it totally without sympathy???

    Wel...yes...but i thought it was damn funny.
    Heh - im sure itll be a long time before someone is using her in woodwork class.

  5. We were listening on the wireless. The commentator mentioned a streaker at the end of the race...Anybody see it??
  6. And all on just one horsepower!........
  7. If we stopped the puns on this forum the silence would be deafening....
  8. Absolutely zero. She is a bloody mare, and as such, lacks the equipment to stand at stud!
  10. What, so they take great stallions and breed them with old scrubbers??? Give me a break, inci!
  11. What a horse running :LOL:
  12. Hornet old man, only a Stallion can stand at stud, and he can do so repeatedly until he dies of old age. A mare, or in this context 'dam', can only foal a very limited number of times. It will be her Sire, and the Sire of her dam, who earn the big bucks, not her. EDIT - And possibly male progeny of hers, but to a more limited extent.
  13. Knowing the history of the Santics and the people themselves it was very interesting to watch the characters after the race and some of things they were saying....
  14. Makybe who???

    Maybe they could clone her...

    We have the technology. We could rebuild her, we could make her faster, stronger....[cue 6 million dollar man music]...

  15. yes quite a horse. unfortunately I didn't think it could happen so just lost $100 betting on Vinnie Roe and a Trifecta with Makybe but not the other two no name horses...

    I was sitting at home lamenting a bit while waiting for the news and caught the end of 'the price is right', a young girl was in the running for a prize pool of $213,000 including R1 yamaha and new car with $115, 000 cash in the boot.

    She picked her order then chose to take the $10k in cash they offered her....AND she got the order right! I felt better about my loss after seeing that...lol
  16. Inci, brood mares of course cannot be joined as many times as a stallion, but it has already been estimated that this horse can produce probably 8 foals, and there's a good chance of her Danehill blood-line will come through to one or two of them.....
  17. I was being a bit pedantic I admit, sorry, but the term 'at stud' cannot correctly be applied to a mare, only to a stallion. The diva's sire will be in huge demand to cover mares world wide, probably at a couple of hundred grand a go for a succesful mating, and straws of his semen will also go for huge money. My family used to breed Clydesdale 'heavy' horses in NSW when I was a young bloke (and chooks), and I picked up a little (almost all forgotten), knowlege.
  18. Der.....What do you get when you cross a Clydesdale with a Chook?
  19. Bwwaaaaaaa.....good, very good.
  20. Does anyone else feel hungry for some Mortadella :shock: :D

    Cheers 8)