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Making your own motorcycle clothing???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ArmyLad, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Hello all. As the title states, is it at all possible to practically, economically and uniquely make your own motorcycle safety gear/clothing? (kevlar jeans, leather jacket/pants perhaps?)

    I am guessing it would be a no, but the concept is a fun idea I think. Just not feasible due to needing specific materials such as kevlar, bike grade leather, ykk zips etc.

    But can anyone comment otherwise on this thought of mine?


  2. Interesting question AL.
    Just a guess, but I'd say the costs involved in material and equipment would far outweigh the benefits of the perfect fit...
  3. I think you can get pretty good custom gear made for you,
    i dont remember the site right now but Gimoto makes leather suits based on your measurments
  4. You could.

    You could also make your own explosives, but I wouldn't recommend that either.

    Gear's cheap enough these days, even custom gear if you factor in how many years it should last you.
  5. Anything's possible, but I'd be very surprised if it was economic, given the prices you can get adequate gear for these days.
  6. What's stopping you? All the materials can be sourced off the net. Take some K-leg linings and whack them into you favourite jeans or cargo pants,you can use strap on knee/shin guards or even attach an exoskeleton over your mesh jacket and Voila "I made them myself'' and ''I wear custom gear'' bragging rights.
    I don't mind the look of the gear on the market plus I'm willing to pay some extra for a brand with known reputation/performance.
  7. At which point, you've spent about 2-3 times as much as you would on a decent pair of generic kevlar jeans and the associated knee armour. Like I said, doable, but the economics just don't stack up.
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    I think the closest thing is custom
    Made gear from the likes of tigerangel.
  9. Presumably you'd want to make your own to save costs, but I don't think it's possible - at least not at the same level of safety. You'd need a pretty good sewing rig to sew/overlock kevlar + heavy denim and/or 2 layers of 1.5mm leather.

    Draggins will do custom jobs and line your trousers with kevlar, but the cost of the kevlar+labour is about the same as buying their pre-made jeans or chinos as it is.

    Just don't go using a bowl or saucepan as a helmet as seen on the Top Gear Veitnam special. :D
  10. love your new avatar, stu_h!
  11. I have a couple of Shoei stickers you can have. Stick them on an old ice cream container and there you go, just make sure you have an AS1698 label on there too.
  12. What exactly is your motorcycle's taste in clothing?
    or perhaps an animal print
  13. But....why?
  14. Ok - serious answer :

    Yes, you could make your own gear but how well it turns out will depend on how much you wish to invest.

    If you just want to make a few quality suits, forget it. You'll never make a suit that'll compete against a Gimoto without spending a fortune. You would need a good patternmaker, technician, equipment, access to prepared hides from farmed roos...

    But, if you've got a few million to invest, give me a call :)
  15. [​IMG]

    Sorry mates, I just cannot forget the days when I first saw Road Warrior!