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making your own carbon fibre tank protecter?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Dude, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. hey all

    Been looking around the www, but can't find anyone that does a carbon fiber tank protecter for my vtr 250, so i thought hell :twisted: i'll make one myself
    only thing is i only have little experiance with fibre glass :oops::idea:

    can someone please shed some light?
  2. Have you tried Geelong Carbon Copy?
  3. you can buy a sheet of carbon fibre at your local motorbike shop and cut it to fit.
  4. If you want a good low cost option get a headlight protector form any car store, $40 the pair, do the job just as well and you have a spare you can use for your headlight :)
  5. brian at bikemart ringwood has it in sheets , about $10 or something
    show him your netrider card for a discount
  6. not that it helps, but when i bought my vtr it came with one - they've got to be out there somewhere...
  7. You could buy that cheap faux carbon sheet that groberts has mentioned, but if you want real carbon fibre then you will havet to speak with GCC or others as Vic suggested.
    Maybe your best bet is to try on a VTR 250 forum (is there one?), you never know there maybe an enthusiest out there that has already made a mould for his own bike and would be happy to whip one up for you.
    If it was me I would probably just use a universal tank pad, otherwise it may just get all too hard and annoy the hell out of you.
  8. GCC offered to give me one for free if I was willing to take the bike down there so tehy could make a mould for it. I had to leave it with them the entire day.

    They will be able to offer you a solution, give them a call and let us know how you get on.
  9. thanks i give GCC a try, but i don't think i bring my bike down there as i live in Broome WA

  10. Not to mention GCC are in QLD now,so it would be a fair hike for you to get it there :LOL: :LOL: i wouldnt recommend them anyway,a mate of mine had a crapload of trouble with them :? :wink:
  11. Hmmm I'm in the proccess of starting up a little buisness that will be making fibergless fairings and carbonfiber bits... if there is a market for VTR tank protectors I'll make some... though it will be a fiew months by the time I'll be actualy making any thing... I'm still learning...
  12. If you're serious about trying it yourself, read up on the technique of "vacuum bagging". I've used it to make and repair fairings and seat bases. The big plus for a job like yours is that you don't need to make a mould - the tank can be used as the mould and the first piece you make is the protector itself.

    Unlike the wet layup approach, bagging gives you a very smooth finish on the side away from the mould, which is why aircraft builders can use it to achieve a highly polished surface without needing a mould.

    I use a refrigerator compressor (salvaged from the tip) and plastic rubbish bags for small parts. You'll also need some blutack and a couple of metres of 6mm aquarium hose. A cheap carburettor vauum guage can also be handy - I think mine came from Kmart in a kit with a timing light and compression tester.

    If your tank is metal, you could even integrate flexible strip magnets (slices of magnetic L-plate, maybe) when you lay up the carbon fibre, so the protectors don't need to be glued to the tank.

    Gougeon Bros. (makers of WEST System epoxy) have an excellent booklet on vacuum bagging - I think it was about $15. Ring around a few yacht suppliers for a copy, or try the folk at this page:

  13. So how do you Stop the carbon from sticking to the tank permermently?, would you use lots of masking tape and wax?
  15. I've emailed GCC and they said they are waiting on a tank to do a mould and the proctector wont be readly till they put it up on thier website, so in the meantime i might try and make one myself

    thanks chairman for the info
  16. Here's a cool site that explains most of what you need to know. This bloke makes all sorts of cool custom stuff, fuels tanks, battery boxes, mudguards, inlet manifolds etc. etc. http://www.mci.i12.com/carbon/