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making the most of daylight savings

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JimmyD, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. nothing like a nice cruise through a nice road after work.

    sorry for the average quality, my go pro is pre HD. definitely needs an upgrade. at least i dont have to worry about people reading the speedo with a crappy camera.

    bike is an 07 ktm superduke.

    and the road is a secret :cheeky:
  2. oops didnt know the vid didnt work.

    all good now :)
  3. You're lucky the dead lookin thing at 2:30 was just on the line and not over on your side! Otherwise you'd be posting this vid in the other section from a hospital bed..

    and i love the bug collection lol.. (y)

    On a side note, the super Duke looks like an awesome handling bike - my (learner) partners looking into it's baby brother - the Duke 200 when it ever gets to Aus... do you recommend the KTM or would you have gone for something different in hindsight?
  4. fortunately, or unfortunately i could smell it before i saw it... ewwwwww.

    i love my superduke, had it for close to 1 year now and i haven't had anything piss me off about it. these bikes are very very throttle responsive so its not nice for posing around towns (if thats your thing you'd get a ducati instead). uses heaps of fuel and heaps of tyres but thats the price to pay for a fun bike.

    im sure the duke 200 would be good, but isnt there a duke 350 out soon? or is it not coming to australia? it would be better with a bit more CC i reckon.