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Making the missus stress

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Porchy, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. G'day guys,

    I figured I should get on here and actually become a member rather than rather voyeuristically read everyone else's posts. (It just seems a bit creepy don't you think?[-X).


    It has been 20 years since I owned a bike (1974 DT 250 paddock basher) and I had the itch to get back in the saddle. When I first told the missus, she was like "yeah well if you want to". I reckon she figured that my large butt and growing love of the couch would not see it happen.

    Haha the joke's on you I thought! Then when I told her that I had booked in and paid for my L's she seemed a little worried but I could see that she had a card left to play. That card turned out to be "well if you want a bike you'll have to get rid of one of your cars". Fair call and well played wifey I thought as she knows that there is no way that I will pass with my old babies.

    Unfortunately she forgot about my ace up the sleeve (a trick I learned from her old man). A busted old Chrysler sitting at my mate's dad's place that I had not officially taken ownership of as yet and was awaiting a whole lot of love. BOOM! I'll take the chips thanks.:D

    Hence, the tax return went on what I can only describe as deal of the century. A 2000 Suzi Intruder 250 with a mere 9000 on the clock.

    I have cleaned her up a bit as she sat unridden for 8 years due to the massive issue of a 20amp fuse. We went of our first real ride this morning, out for about half an hour and I have to say that I am more than happy with my decisions to lose two wheels and get out on the road.

    Oh, and the missus. Well, when I texted her about my ride this morning she replied with "nice". Either the shopping trip she's on has calmed her nerves, she has been resigned to defeat, or I can't pick up tone or see her facial expression in a text.

    Either way, if the rain nicks off I'm going out again later.

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  2. Congrats on the bike a x keeping the .missus happy :)
  3. Ur so dead
  4. N gidday an welcome
    And yes your a bit sick just looking ...
  5. Better leave it idling in the driveway when you get home... just in case ;)

    Congrats on the purchase!
  6. Good on ya mate, welcome to the"re-birth club".
  7. Well played.

    Welcome on board.
  8. Welcome

    Did she use capitals?

    One word can say a whole lot.
  9. i hvae heard the words
    yes honey
    if you think thats ok then ok
    are you sure

    etc etc

    dont get me wrong i dont have a clue what women mean /want /expect
    but i do know this .
    your so focked
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  10. Thanks for the welcomes guys. Nah, there were no capital letters. Hopefully she has done enough retail therapy today to ensure I get a ride in the next couple of days. I suppose that can be taken a couple of ways.
  11. LOL @ what hackavatar said, and welcome.
  12. these pussywhipped threads always amuse.

    i'm the one who's wearing the dick in this house.
    my castle.
    my bike.
    there is nothing to "discuss" relevant to either. that simple.
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  13. Hi Porchy, welcome to NR.

    'Nice' is very similar to 'fine' and very closely followed by 'nothing'.

    Good luck, you'll need it......
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  14. Yep, had a few "nothings" in the last 13 years. Glad to say I've survived them.

    Amazing how we "pussywhipped" run from the missus but thumb our noses at certain laws that are purely unAustralian.

    I just chucked the kids on the back (one at a time, not South East Asian style) for a few laps of the court. They loved it and now the little one is getting ready for bed so that she can ride her quad bike tomorrow sooner.
  15. Welcome back to the roads! You don't know what tomorrow might bring, so get out there on two wheels.

    You can always tell her you're helping her well-being by getting out from under her feet :LOL:
  16. Thanks Hornet.

    I have to admit it is a little nerve wracking getting out there especially with all the cage drivers focusing on everything but driving, but hey, like you say you never know what tomorrow will bring. Too many people I know have started to disappear already having never done a heap of things they always wanted to so I figured seize the day and thus far, despite initial nerves, am loving it.

    My next one adventure (using that ethos) is to work on nailing a supermodel. I wonder if the missus will send me a "nice" when I inform her of that.:blackeye:
  17. Welcome back to two wheels.
    Loved the story!

  18. I knew it
    And now a interpreter confirms it
    So fooked
  19. Chances are she secretly digs it, helped by the fact you chose a cruiser, even if she doesn't admit it to herself. Get a Brando jacket and make sure you bed her straight after the ride a couple of times, in an obvious way (ie straight off the bike to her, drop the helmet, and get to work) that creates the link in her mind.

    It's all energy man, you just gotta channel it....