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Making Music with Windows

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, May 16, 2009.

  1. #1 Ljiljan, May 16, 2009
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    way to much free time in my opinion, but i liked the result.
  2. Wow modplug tracker, I used to make music on that years and years ago
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  4. before modplug tracker was FastTracker II ...

    for DOS. :D
  5. Now thats a trip down memory lane.

    But I was too busy using the ultra advanced Win95 of the day :LOL:
  6. tbh there wasnt much difference in functionality between FT2 and Modplug.

    a tracker was a tracker was a tracker.
  7. I miss Impulse Tracker. I used to trawl the net for samples and then decided to plug my guitar in to the pc and record some notes. Damn....I hope I've still got my old files somewhere.
  8. fruity loops, cubase, sound forge is where its at
  9. Magix Music Studio Deluxe - cheap (about $100 or so) and good (uses Samplitude). Not to be confused with their less comprehensive packages like the similarly named Music Maker. It used to be based on the Logic engine even after they went to the Mac, but I don't know if they use any of that code now.

    It's also a VST host, so on top of the decent set of instruments and effects included you can add as many other free instruments and effects you can lay your hands on.

    And it's German software.

    Magix Link

    Also the U.K. magazine Computer Music recently had a one-off issue with a DVD of a big selection of what hey rated as the best free music plug-ins "ever". Lots of VST instruments and effects, but also stand-alone stuff like trackers and sequencing software.