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Making gsx250f track ready

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by DamusB, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Pretty much after a long winded discussion with a few motorcycle rider friends of mine, the whole buy a 8k lams bike that isnt even super sports for the sake of power on a track isnt what I want to do.
    I am quite a fan of my across and want to make it as good as it can be for track days and then obviously after lams moving to an r6 because yeah.
    I found this website called http://www.geocities.ws/ozcross250/ that had a decent amount of info on it.

    Based on research done I think 36 psi front and rear would be a good starting point and perhaps lower it if need be.

    I am considering either baffle holes or replacing exhaust but if baffle holes make the same performance difference then id rather do that then have a fancy looking/sounding exhaust.

    I am unsure whether I should either just clean lube and adjust current chain or just buy a new sprocket and chain and have that done at a shop (bikebiz parramatta probably)

    I would like to replace the air filter but I haven't found any good advice on doing that for the across at this stage.

    I will get a full service done including, tyre alignment, levers and pedal adjustment/correction, oil, coolant, breaks/possible pad change ect ect.

    My question is, is that pretty much the guts of what would need to be done? Or is there other factors I should be looking into?
  2. Just service it and make sure you have good tread and chain and brake pads are within spec.
    I took the ninja 250 i currently own to a track day once and going again this Sunday.
    Just ride the bike like you would ride on the road and it wont get hurt, only difference is you would be clocking higher speeds and probably spending more time close to red-line.
    Obviously if you are racing your bike then its a different requirement, but public track days are not too harsh on bikes.
  3. Thanks! Yeah I figured it would have been pretty straight forward.
    I might just use this thread for pictures of mods and things done. For all the across owners out there.
  4. So just a quick update on the L's track day "budget bruiser" mission.

    I have now been riding this thing for about 6 weeks now and I have watched road 2014 and twist of the wrist II so it's pretty much safe to say that I am a god on the road (joking).
    My friend also got into bikes around the same time and recently got him self a cbr500r lams bike which I road from bike biz Granville to his place in Sefton area.
    First impression is that in comparison the cbr500r is an ALIEN, it is quiet and shifts very easily and it feels like you don't have to work very hard to get it to do anything.
    The seating position of the 500r is very upright and when you corner it feels like the pegs are going to hit the ground. Also the throttle on the 500r is allot more touchy than the across and I believe "mastering" throttle control out of corners would take a very steady hand. Where as the across kind of contemplates the meaning of life a little before it starts getting aggressive maybe due to such a high rev range.
    I can say I feel allot better on the across's super sport seating position and putting the toes up on the pegs and leaning into a corner feels like a dream.

    I have put new spark plugs in (NKG CR7HSA) 20$, pretty straight forward. Old ones didn't look toooo bad but they were by no means amazing. I was going to side gap the new ones but based on the fact that there was no hard evidence that it improves performance i just left them as is.
    I put in some baffle holes (see picture) *FREEEE* as its been stated a few times it makes a slight difference in performance from about 13k revs and up. I can say first hand it did seem like it made a slight difference, however it opened up a new can of worms when I was showing my mates the "new" sound and black smoke started blowing out at revs 4k and up. I will also state that I have no intention of putting on an exhaust system as cost vs reward doesn't make it worth while.
    Research states that black smoke is usually caused by un-burnt fuel and I am not sure if increasing the flow in the exhaust has thrown out the mixture at all but it does seem it is running a little rich based on the lack of power around 3k-9k revs.
    Just to be sure I have ordered a new OEM air filter and throttle slide holders 90$ for the carby and am going to set the needles to 2 instead of the stock 3 to slam in some nice clean air. These parts should arrive today so I will add some photos later in regards to that. After all is said and done I will also probably go get the carbies balanced at a shop.
    The chain and rear sprocket look in okay nik but I have also ordered a -1 tooth front sprocket for a slight addition in acceleration 30$. On the road or the track I really cant see my self doing anything past 160km's so ehh.
    Did the coolant 20$ don't want it to overheat as I read somewhere that running to lean can cause the engine to over heat more easily.

    Anyway that's enough blabber for now. More photos, updates/mods and info later.
  5. New and old filter, old one was very dirty on the inside
    however the new one on the top didn't look so new??? lol damn you suzuki oem parts dealer! IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0719.JPG
  6. I noticed from reading the manual that the intake was facing the wrong way so i fixed that also when changing the filter, before and after pic. IMG_0716.JPG IMG_0721.JPG
  7. New throttle slides and then the removed ones.... which didn't look so old *sigh*. IMG_0726.JPG IMG_0729.JPG
  8. Carbie shenanigans IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0727.JPG
  9. ahhh a successful dodgy car park mod job lol IMG_0728.JPG
  10. I will also point out that i super glued the left handle bar grip back on so it would stop acting as a second accelerator lol.
    Also its not shown in the photos but I also changed the setting on the pin to 2 instead of stock 3 on all the needles to run a leaner mixture.
    THEN... the moment of truth, dun dun darrr.
    Omfg a success, the black smoke was practically all gone. the low and mid range torque skyrocketed and now this thing is in weapon mode. completely consistent all the way up to 14.5 on the revs, after that the power seems to drop back a little. So no point red lining it, better to just change gears at 14.5 revs.
    This change and added consistency in power over such a large rev range make me very pleased with the level of power its dishing out.
    I do believe once I put the front sprocket down one tooth I will be 100% happy with the power and torque of this machine.
    Not to mention that the throttle is so easy to control.
    I do believe this thing will prove it's self as a stand up budget machine on the track.
    I just passed a pink slip and put 6 months rego on it 3 days ago total cost of pink, green and rego was 270$
    bike was 2000$ flat
    parts so bought so far:
    filter 40$
    spark plugs 20$
    coolant 20$
    x4 throttle slides 28$
    -1 tooth front sprocket 30$

    total spent: 2408$

    So believe me when I say I am not scared to drop this thing on the track.

    break pads, tyres and suspension are all pretty much perfect as is (luckily).
    Now the power is sorted I will just buy a new oil filter and put some expensive oil in and she will be ready to hit the track!!!!!!
    I will probably do a 0-100kms run just for reference of acceleration after the front sprocket is installed.
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  11. Nice one mate, sounds like it goes good for a 250
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  12. Looks good mate. Looks like it will be a fun little thing on the track. Enjoy it :)
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