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NSW Making Drivers pay more

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Johnrhys, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. More tolls across the city

    Possibly Tolling the M4 all of the M5

    Northbound over the Sydney harbor bridge, No toll

    increasing rego and parking in the city to reduce congestion.

    Going to cost me $20 to get into the city

    DISCUSS this 100billion dollar over 20 year plan


    PS if in wrong section sorry please move.

  2. Re: Making Driverd pay more

    You could move to Walgett. No tolls there mate!
  3. Just disgraceful that if they do this (work on garden island in the city) it will cost me $20 a day to get to work...not including fuel. :\

    (thanks hornet for the edit of the name, couldn't do it haha)
  4. Just go round the tolls, riding is fun.
  5. You work on an island you say. Hmmmm.
    (okay yes that's a bicycle, but the idea is there ;))
  6. I've often thought that on a motard it would be easy to hop the curbs on the bridge and miss the tolls...
    And then I wonder how many days you'd get away with it before they were waiting for you.
    And how your chances would be in the city in peak hour - fair to middling I'd say...
  7. Cough median on bridge cough
  8. So, this "friend of a bloke you know's cousin" never got busted?
    Biking is fun...
  9. cough don't publicize this too much cough i like zero cough tolls
  10. Hypothetically, considering it took them months to catch that guy who was covering his plate and doing 150 through the tunnel every night on his hd it might be a while.

    Hypothetically of course.

    Crash doing it and I will run you over for being an idiot though. You have been warned.
  11. "increasing rego and parking in the city to reduce congestion."

    I don't know what it's like in Sydney, but public transport getting into the city in Melbourne during peak hour is like a boxcar to a concentration camp and can't keep up with the current amount of people. Where the hell are they planning on putting extra people if they discourage them from driving?
  12. Nick Greiner is running the state. What else did you expect? He's always been a strong advocate of tolls.

    To be honest, I kind of agree with him, but think it should be coupled with no motorcycle tolls and the raised funds should be fed straight back into improving public transport and subsidizing it.

    Alternatively pertol should be more heavily taxed.
  13. Did anyone happen to catch Sydney 7 News last night?
    I was in the kitchen when the story was aired, but distinctly heard the word "motorcycles" - I just didn't catch what about us...
  14. I saw an ad for 10 news or the project which were going on about the motorcycle cops that have been stationed in the CBD now for congestion. Maybe it was about that.

    Be careful with your filtering because of this all. Ensure that you do it legally.
  15. That might have been it - thanks...

    And if you can't filter legally, at least do it swiftly...
  16. Used to do this often when I lived in Sydney....in a Kombi van