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Making a copy of the bike key

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Seonaidh, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Hi, I currently only have 1 key to my 2011 Ninja 250r, does anyone if I can get a copy of the key made from a locksmith?
    I have heard people saying that some bike keys have electrical chips in them, and only some professional locksmiths are able to duplicate the keys, is that true? :-s

  2. Only of some makes and models. I would be surprised if your model had a chip, but don't quote me.

    Modern Ducatis and Hondas certainly have chips. An acquaintance balked at the $800 cost of a duplicate key for his 600RR. Lost the original and it cost him $2,800 to replace the ignition system!

    Also some brands have a unique profile key and the blanks are not freely available.
  3. thanks man, i will pay a visit to the locksmith.
  4. he did.....he's such a naughty boy....he will post picture's of his ms's punishing him later.
  5. Yep certainly did.
    Yep keep your eyes peeled
  6. If you go to a key cutter (and not just any small locksmith) they will probably have the blank key in stock. All you need is your original. Doesn't take long for them to cut it.
    Make sure to check whether the copy works (and also locks the steering lock).

    Mine took 2 minutes and cost me 10 bucks ;)
  7. holy CRAP.

    i have one of my originals, lost the duplicate... didn't realise they were that much to replace!
  8. Don't know if it is the same for bikes, but my car key has a chip in it. The spare was lost and was going to cost megabucks to get a replacement. Took the other one to Mr Minit and they came out to the car with a reader so they could get the code, then were able to program a chip in one of their templates to match.

    Cost $150.
  9. nice.... and it works no probs?
  10. I have been using this key as my main key since it was done, over 2 years ago now and never had a problem with it.

    The original is now my spare.
  11. Ebay links cause a ban ? Did i miss the joke ?
  12. I got a spare cut for the new (old) zx9, got out to the bike and it doesnt open/unlock anything, fuel tank, underseat storage or ignition. I suspect the original key is so worn it's hard to cut a working duplicate, may need a new ignition system if I lose my only key I guess
  13. established locksmiths with modern code cutting machines can take your worn key, and adjust the space and depth of the cuts on their machine to cut you a key that works.

    Also, generally, locksmiths may cost marginally more but have years of experience. Mr Minit "assosciates" go through a 3 week "intensive" training course. their machines are also usually completely out of calibration, their key blanks are cheap chinese crap with terrible tolerances.

    having said that, there are a few mr. minit franchisees that are ex-locksmiths. few and far between though.
  14. I had an old car key which got snapped in half which I took to bunnings and since they use automatic machines they couldn't even attempt it.
    Took it to one of gift shop/key cutter/shoe repair places you find in shopping centres they took three attempts to cut it and it worked on the third attempt, only charged for first cut.
  15. [​IMG]

    every man to his own trade, a bloke that repairs shoe's in a shopping centre doesnt have the experience or knowledge needed to produce a key that has a tolerance of 0.02mm in 4 dimensions.

    if you want a key thats chinese made, badly cut, that can and will introduce extreme wear on your lock, then bunnings and mr. minit are your one stop shop.

    if you want a key thats precision manufactured in italy, expertly cut, and aligns in your lock in both space and depth minimalising wear, that will last years longer, go find an established locksmith.

    it might cost you 10 minutes longer, and $5 odd dollars more. but a few years down the track when you have to wiggle the key while holding your tongue right and jiggling your right foot every time you go for a ride, it might be well spent.
  16. That is not a problem at all. Look on Ilco and Silca websites and download their key blank catalogues. Find the blank profile you need, but if it's not there (means it's a "restricted" profile) just find the closest one with an extra "rib" and file it down.

    That can't be right. See the real locksmith to cut you the proper copy. If your old and worn key works, there is no reason why an exact copy of a worn working key shouldn't work too.

    I had one of those gift shops cut me a double-sided key for a laundry locker. Somehow they managed to cut it a little wider but quite noticeably so even for a naked eye... The excuse was that my key is worn, and the so-called "copy" they made is actually the correct width as my key USED to be when it was new. So their machine not only makes keys but also travels through time... They tried 3 more times, and then gave me my coins back. Mr. Minit chick (or is that Mrs. Minit?) cut it properly first go.
  17. Hi Guys I am new to the forum, I am from New York and own a 2011 r250 but lost both of my keys. What can i do?
  18. Walk!

    Otherwise return the bike to it's rightful owner!