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making a cheap naked?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by kyo3email, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone!
    Currently i'm thinking about making a cheap naked runabout, to complement the bike i'm hoping to upgrade to the street triple. I also really want a second bike i can just take apart and put back together. basically just a pet project.

    oh i might add. I like fixing stuff, but i don't particularly like forking out money for parts to fix it with.

    I don't really know what is involved, how much it costs etc. If anyone has any experience please do tell.

    I was thinking as cheap as possible to buy and run, nothing large capacity as i would like to keep it as something for some laughs and kicking to the local shops and to work when i feel like it.

    As a starting point I was trying to think about a bike that is cheap and totally undesirable to me or anyone else for that matter. The cbr125r, was the first thing that came to mind.

    So my first question was: does anyone know where to look for a mechanically sound, cbr125, but has been written off due to superficial damage.

    Does anyone think it unrealistic to pick up something in this condition for say $1500-$1800??? I'm aiming for a total budget of $2k inc. mods.

    ...actually just thought of a problem...how does a cbr125 go fast enough to bring it to the point of being written off :LOL:

    Anyways i would love to hear your thoughts or important things i need to know in making my own naked/ super-light-weight fighter
  2. Mate, you would be amazed at what comes up for under that money. Bollocks to the little CBR, keep an eye on ebay and the auctions and sites like www.streetfighters.com.au and you might well find yourself not needing a street triple at all.
  3. better yet fighter a cbr125 and whack in a cbr1100xx engine in there...it'll fit they're both cbr's.

    150hp....120kgs :)...ASF will love it. just make sure you piss off the mountainbike tyres
  4. Assuming that it won't be rego'ed then.
    Bikes are heaps expencive to mod/fix. Most guys who drop 'em don't even fix them up anymore, but they all dissappear because there's big cash in parts.
    So when you get your bargin & wanna get parts for it, even little ones, that's when it all evens out.
  5. hey mate i know a guy who bought 2 of those cbr150s for $1000 from a wreckers i think they are both goin to be bucket racers tho..so they are available...i have built a few bikes some cheep some not..if u want something small cheap and buckets of fun ..buy an old 2 stroke road bike awsome fun u can do every thing ur self..and despite what pple will say if things are done right, i cant emphasis that enough, it will last for years..rd350lc rz350, even tzrs are still pretty cheap.u can still buy them for $500,heaps of vids on u tube 250 rego, big wheels standing fun..!!!