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Makeshift bike stand

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Superunknown, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I found this link and I want a few opinions on it. It sounds alright if you don't raise the rear of the bike up too high.

    http://svrider.com/tips/stand.htm (quoted below)

    Furthermore I’ll admit that the Hyosung (at least on the 250) is not as nice and solid as the higher quality (and larger cc) bikes. The jap bikes seem to have a side stand which "slides out" as the weight of the bike transfers onto the side stand. The Hyosung stand looks like it was cannibalised off a push bike.

    Basically pushing the bike about the carport is driving me NUTS.

    I apologise to any innocent bikes which get toppled as a result of me posting this topic. :p :cry:

  2. Be careful. Some bikes can do this all day long, some have a sidestand which will overbalance the bike and drop it on the floor, and some sidestands will just plain snap ! :shock:
  3. Jez, if you can afford a bike then just buy a stand :roll:
  4. You mean something like:


    edit: refreshed link - wasn't working.
  5. posted by one of the stunt riders hehe



  6. Thats pretty funny, shopping trollies are an easy thing to get hold of, but i dont think we have to many with a bend in them like that.

    You can pick up bike stands off ebay now for a decent price (I wouldnt trust some of them). Ive seen sets for front & rear for sale as sets.
  7. Before my kaneg stands from ebay came (awesome by the way)

    i put my bike on the side stand and got my car stands out
    put them both to the right height and stood over the seat of the bike held the front brake and lent it to the right,
    now the RH spool is on one of the stands with my weight balancing the bike on it,
    with my left foot i dragged the other stand under the LH spool and tada bike was completely supported.

    note: i ended up needing help getting them off in the form of my brother kicking the LH stand out of the way when i leant the bike to the right again

  8. OMG WTF,

    if u can afford a bike, then $100 or $200 + some bobbins (less than $40) isn't going to kill u,

    i don't want to hear none of this cheap arse cutting corners crap.
    Buy a stand, get some bobbins do it properly.

    Otherwise if u make this stand, i also advised use Vegatable oil for engine oil as motor oil is out of your budget and several litres of vegetable oilcan be bought for only a few dollars from supermarket... Olive oil will be too dear for you also.

    Use a peice of chicken wire for a chain and don't worry about rego or insurance.

    **End Rant** :p
  9. not trying to take the piss outta ya but didnt they do that on the honda club?? (i think thats whats it called) and it still kept running lol

    it was the number 1 bike voted..... i think you can you tube it

    the dam bike was unbreakable lol even when dropped off a building it still started
  10. Great piece on info there superunknown.
    Although my bike's got a centrestand a slight modification of that technique has come in very handy for getting the front wheel off the ground. Basically I just leaned a decent sized piece of timber against the engine then pushed down on the back of the bike. The piece of timber then fell nicely into place propping up the engine and getting the front wheel far enough off the ground to remove it. To get the bike back down I just tied a piece of string around the base of the block of wood so I could pull it out of the way when I leaned on the back of the bike again :grin: .
    Oh and don't blame me me if you try this yourself and something goes wrong :p.
  11. if you have an engine crane, a sling under the rear swingarm or around the steering head is all you need. :p
  12. Holy crap, massive sprocket?
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    When I was at the GP the other week, Tex/motoplast pulled this bit of wood from his bag and said "bung this on there while I lean the bike over, will ya" I looked at him with a puzzled expression :? :shock: but did as I was told.... low and behold, the Busa was now ready to have its chain lubed :cool: I thought what a cool gadget, must get me one of these! :wink:

    I admit it looks/sounds dodgey, but when you travel long distances and need to lube ya chain it makes light work of a job that is difficult to do on ya own, and its easy to pack in ya luggage bag.
  14. Its called the Honda Cub and it is litrially will not die. They put old pizza shop oil in it, they overloaded it, they even ran it off a 10 story building and it still started 1st time. Truly bulletproof.
  15. honda = :cool: