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Make me buy a VMAM

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Gimmi Everything you got on the VMAX.

    Why i should get one, why i shouldnt, personal opinions and people who have had a turn on them.

    Pictures if you got them please.

    Also - Is it true it beats the hybusa on the Qmile.
  2. Its got MAX.......MAX = awsome, the best, the highest.

    Get one now!!!!!
  3. um no cause it runs out of fuel before getting to the end of the qmile...
  4. They outrun Imperial Starships. Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now.

    She's fast enough for you, Old Man.
  5. You won't.
  6. VMax – the workhorse, plenty of torque to tow your Ducatti to the café, tow your friends Harley to the mechanic or the council tip (whichever ones closer), or to tow the $500 junk Hyundai you gave your daughter for her 18th.

    VMax – the speed king, used to record 1/4mile record breaking runs by R1's of this world…..front on.

    VMax – the twisties, it’s a bully able to knock off other bikes, it might not be the most nimble or fastest but its physical presence alone ensures that no other bikes can get around and pass you.
  7. Just buy one there a beast i personally couldnt justify the price but i like em
  8. If you need other people to tell you to buy a VMAX, you should not buy a VMAX.
  9. Thanks yak.

    You contributed to the conversation.

    I just wanted to see what everyone else thought.](*,)
  10. I think you won't.
  11. Exactly.
  12. As always, Yak nails it.
  13. Which vmax do you want? 1985, or 2009?
  14. I like this question.

    I am lusting after a power cruiser, maybe the vmax or the rocket.

    ..........ok maybe the vrod as well.
  15. or the Diavel?