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Make Me a Number plate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by aimre, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    Need some ideas on a number plate for my new bike (suzuki bandit)

    Needs to be in the [ABC-12] format so it stays $50 a year.

    Any ideas?
  2. ILU-69 (no need for explaination)

    ENV-33 (Envee)

    Stp-17 (stop it)


    UCM-33 (You see me)
  3. PEN-15
  4. ABC-12????

    sorry :oops:

  5. COK-42
  6. You can still reconsider getting one at all... It's not too laaaaaaate.
  7. Could lash out a bit more & get HYOBD...

  8. ISS10
    (is slow)

    (too slow)


    (gaybo) :p
  9. hotmilk just beat me to it, but as a fellow Bandit... bandit, I was also gonna suggest BND17
  10. Why do you want one anyway?

    why do you need to pay more per year once you have the plate?
  11. because it used to be free for plates that were created by good use of letters / numbers and you only paid for words as such. but then... you would never of picked it.. the RTA figured out they could make money off people who did this also. main reason i have never bothered. and it used to be a one off charge and is now anually.. farken ell i say
  12. get one of those ones that flip up
  13. good one hornet :p :p
  14. PIG 18 ( I Hate)



  15. they always pick on bloody kwaka riders.. just leave us alone will ya. went to school with a bloke who had the number plate on his car OSR. was great with a L plate and even better with a P plate.
  16. Idk why i want one. Its only $40 a year so its not too bad. Ive wasted $40 on worse things
  17. Yep, you probably spent around 5 for the Hyosung. :grin:
  18. I lost $300 on the hyo after 14 months and adding like 20,000ks on it
  19. i saw an oldish beemer with POS-53R going through m5 tunnel had a red p-plate on it. could not believe my eyes.