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Make a Netrider Splash Screen to be seen by thousands

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi All,

    I need x2 splash screens for Netrider. Throwing it out there for some talented graphics people to create them for us. They will be seen regularly by thousands, so will be high profile with lots of notoriety and kudos to come your way.

    I propose that you upload the splash screens into this thread, with the winner chosen from the highest number of likes a post receives (with the judges discretion/override available).

    I am happy for you to upload watermarked images if you wish to protect your art, but will expect the winner to provide the final non-watermarked images to me.

    Design brief: Obviously be representative of Netrider, following the colour scheme etc. and of course display the Netrider logo within (send me a conversation if you want a high-res version). But I primarily leave it up to the talent and imagination of those with far more graphic ability than me to see what you come up with.


    1. Portrait - 1536 x 2048 PNG. Splash screen may be resized, with edges being slightly cut-off.
    2. Landscape - 2048 x 1536 24bit. Splash screen may be resized, with edges being slightly cut-off.

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  2. ok not completely sure what youre after here, but i thought id throw this illustration out there, and maybe get the ball rolling... this little guy isnt finished yet, still needs a bit of coloring in...
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  3. A Suggestion ;)
    we are riders that range in Age (18-80 )
    and Bike's (Sport's /Tourer's /Cruisers/Scooters )
    someone with Great talent (y) that can make a graphic to depict the variety would be Awesome :)
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  4. I have to ask... What is this going to be used for?
  5. What's a splash screen ?
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  6. u throw water over your screen, best boom wins
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  7. Well that should help remove the liquid paper from the screen.
    Thanks !
  8. It's when you knock your drink over and say "Oh no!" as the liquid wets your laptop.
  9. its like a wet dream
  10. A splash screen generally performs the following functions I would imagine.

    Advertising a product
    Indicating to the user that the application is launching during long startup times
    Providing information that is only needed once per visit

    That will be my only contribution to this thread as I am as creative as a dishcloth.

    Merry Christmas y,all.
  11. Someone who knows the appropriate use of capital letters would be lovely too :D
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  12. I can't understand why Mouth hasn't been swamped with applications. Not as though anyone on here would be critical of changes to the website.
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  13. Good chance to contribute and give something back for those with the ability - sadly not me :(.
  14. Holy snapping sea turtles, you got a nod from the Grand Poobah. Now there goes a neighbourhood, you are in baby.
  15. Puts me right up there, next I'll put in my application for mod.:ROFLMAO:
  16. wow...unfortunately for you people with''great talent'' dont like to work for free, and i doubt anyone, after reading through this thread would want to be bothered anyway... i could be wrong though- stranger things have happened ;)
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  17. What about this thread would discourage people?
  18. :happy:
  19. Ermahgerd! Nertrider!
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