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Make a Difference Lawson and Rainey helmet auction

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. "Over the last 2 years the M.A.D. Ride Fund has, through its various fund raising activities, donated over $30,000 in the name of spinal injury awareness, rehabilitation and research. All the money raised by M.A.D. goes directly to help those riders and friends affected by spinal injury and assist them on their road to recovery by providing both immediate assistance while they are in hospital and hope for the future by supporting world leading research into a cure for spinal cord injuries.

    As the official start to the 2007 MAD fundraising activities, two unique and valuable pieces of road racing grand Prix history are hitting the auction blocks. First is the actual helmet worn by three times World Motorcycle Champion Wayne Rainey in his last Super Kart race at the 2004 Super Stars of Super Karts held at Laguna Seca.
    The second, also last worn at Laguna Seca, is the lid of four times World Motorcycle Champion Eddie Lawson. In his final race of the 1990 season for Yamaha, wearing this particular helmet, Lawson fell and unfortunately broke his ankle, watching his World Championship lead slip from his grasp to rival Wayne Rainey.
    These rare and exclusive helmets are signed by the these two multiple world champions and are contained in glass display cases and accompanying plaques. Framed and signed letters of authenticity also come with the helmets and would be the ultimate showpiece for any collector.

    These will be available to bid upon as of 9am Wednesday the 21st of March and will be listed for 10 days only. You can see the auction by going to www.makingadifferenceride.org

    We are humbled and extremely fortunate to have had these items donated to us by Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey themselves, guys, if you read this, thankyou. Thankyou from the 3500 members of Perth Street Bikes and thankyou from all the people with Spinal Injuries both in Perth and all around the world for your gracious gifts.

    SO, go to EBAY via www.makingadifferenceride.org, get out the personal or the companies cheque book or credit card and bid on these fantastic and historical pieces of motorcycle memorabilia. You know they'd look good in the games room or the foyer of the office or shop!"
  2. if i was really rich i would buy them.....but then i wouldnt be really rich anymore, so im stumped.

    good cause, i hope they rake it in!

    stump it up! :cool:
  3. i've seen these up close and theyre awesome. get your bids in everyone :wink: