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major service

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by voodoo, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. hey, this morning i hit the 40,000km mark and think i should ge a major service. What is actually included in a major service?? how much would be a fair price to expect? i am about to call the bike shop soon but i would like a small amount of info on what to expect before i do. also i am goin to need the front brae pads replaced and possably the rear. what do these normally cost?

    anything else i should know before i call them?


  2. Depends what bike...
  3. you can expect between 300 and 500 bucks. they generally:

    replace coolant
    replace brake fluid
    lube pivot points (ie centre stand, brake lever, etc)
    clean out the fuel system (petrol additive)
    check and correct valve clearances
    replace oil and filter
    replace spark plugs
    adjust and lube chain
    adjust steering head bearings
    resonably comprehensive general check over (nuts and fastners etc)

    all these things are pretty easy to do at home, you will need special tools for things like valve clearances and head bearings. oh and a work shop manual tends to help with providing specs.

    basic brake pads (ie shitty ones) your looking at 40 bucks or so a set. again a very easy thing to do yourself.

  4. +carb sync