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Major Service - Bandit 1200

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by maybefred, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone could actually tell me what is involved in a major service? Is this just a way for mechanics to make a lot of money off changing things that aren't neccessary (seals that don't leak, bearings that aren't loose) or is it all needed?
    I have been riding old bikes for 17 years and replaced things as they needed replacing, etc but now I have a new bike and nothing is wrong but I am told I need a "major" service.
    Please advise...

  2. biggest hassle on modern bikes is shim valve adjustment. That will be part of the major service. The rest will be the usual plus all fluids and filters and theoretically check all hoses etc. Truth be told I doubt very much they do this last bit.

    Fork oil can be a hassle for some people

    so I assume the latest bandit is shim valved, so if you can that yourself (and the fork oil) then you can save a bucket load of cash.
  3. Without seeing your bike or listening to your motor and depending on how many k's you got on it, sounds to me like they might be emulating Bravus Bandits chain a bit and yankin :jerk: yours


    Follow this .


    This webpage has saved me at least 2000 grand alone in Bandit valve clearance servicing over past 4 years I reckon.
    Very detailed step by step with pretty pics and idiot proofed. If, =; and thats an if! I got time and your prepared to give it a go and you get stuck, I can show you how to do this.(valve clearances. I followed links above 1st and other below and never had an issue-thats pressuming you half mechanically minded.


    Part numbers







    German Bandit forum-translated


    fork oil change

  4. WOW!! Thanks for all the links